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Useful Hakka phrases

A collection of useful phrases in Hakka. Click on the English phrases to see them in many other languages.

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English 客家話 (Hakka)
Welcome 歡迎 (fon2 ngiang2)
(General greeting)
你好 (ngi2 ho3)
你好冇? (ngi2 ho3 mo?)
噯 (oi) - on phone
How are you?
I'm fine.
你好冇? (ngi2 ho3 mo?)
𠊎好 (ngai2 ho3)
Long time no see 好久冇見你 (ho3 kiu3 mo kien5 ngi2)
What's your name?

My name is ...
你姓麼個? (ngi2 siang5 ma3ge5?)
你喊麼個? (ngi2 hem1 ma3ge5?)
𠊎姓 ... (ngai2 siang5 ...)
𠊎安到 ... (ngai2 on1 do ...)
Where are you from?

I'm from ...
你係奈國人? (ngi2 he5 nai5 guet7 ngin2?)
你在奈仔來個? (ngi2 hoi nai5 e3 loi2 ge5?)
𠊎 ... 來個 (ngai2 ... loi2 ge5)
Pleased to meet you 安高興見到你 (on1 go1hin1 gien5 do5 ngi2)
on1 fong-hi gien5 do5 ngi2
Morning greeting(s) 安早 (on1zo3) (zo3) 恁會早 (an3voi5zo3)
Afternoon greeting(s) 食晝沒? (siit8zu5mut8?)
Evening greeting(s)/Nighttime parting phrase(s) 食夜沒? (siit8ia5mut8?) 晚安 (van3on1)
Parting phrase(s) 再見 (tsai5gien5) 拜拜 (bai5bai5)
Good luck 祝你好运 (zhuk ngi ho yun)
Toasts used when drinking
Have a nice day
Bon appetit /
Have a nice meal
慢慢吃 (mang-mang sik)
Bon voyage /
Have a good journey
一帆風順 (it7fam2fung1sun5)
I understand 𠊎明白 (ngai2 min2p'ak8)
I don't understand 𠊎唔明白 (ngai2 m1 min2p'ak8)
I don't know 我不知 (ngai m' di)
Please speak more slowly 你可以講慢一啲冇?
(ngi2 ko3i1 gong3 man5 it7di mo?)
Please say that again 你可以再講冇? (ngi2 ko3i1 zai5 gong3 mo?)
Please write it down 请写下来 (qin xia lok loi)
Do you speak Hakka?
Yes, a little
你講客家話 (ngi2 gong3 hak7ga1fa3?)
I can't speak Hakka 涯曉唔曉得講客家話
(ngai2 hiau3m1hiau3 det7 gong3 hak7ga1fa3)
How do you say ... in Hakka? 客家話仰仔講 ...? (hak7ga1fa3 ngiong3e2 gong3?)
Do you speak English? 你曉唔曉得講英文?
(ngi2 hiau3m1hiau3 det7 gong3 in1vun2?)
Is there anyone who can speak English? 有人曉得講英文冇?
(iu1 ngin2 hiau3 det7 gong3 in1vun2 mo?)
Excuse me 請問 (ts'iang3mun5)
How much is this? 這個幾多錢? (ia ke ki3to1 ts'ien2?)
Sorry 失禮 (siit7li1) 歹勢 (dai-sii5)
Please 请你 (qin ngi)
Thank you
多謝 (do1sia5) 感謝 (gam3sia5)
唔駛客氣 (m1sii3 hak7hi5)
Where's the toilet? 廁所係奈嘢? (tse5so3 hoi5 nai5e?)
This gentleman/lady will pay for everything 这个男仔会还 (di jak namzai woi wan)
这个女仔会还 (di jak moizai woi wan
Would you like to dance with me? 你要唔要同我跳舞冇?
(ngi2 oi5m1oi5 tung2 ngai2 tiau5vu3 mo?)
I love you 𠊎愛你 (ngai2 oi5 ngi2)
Get well soon 快地好回 (kuai di ho zhong)
Go away! Ceu!
Leave me alone! 给我自己一个人 (beng ngai si ga yi jak ngin)
救命! (giu5miang5!)
火! (fo3!)
停! (tin2!)
Call the police! 喊警察! (hem1 gin3cat7!)
Christmas and New Year greetings 聖誕節快樂 (siin5tan5ziet7 kuai5lok8)
新年快樂 (sin1ngien2 kuai5lok8)
恭喜發財 (giung1 hi3 fat7 coi2)
- used at Chinese New Year
Easter greetings 復活節快樂 (fuk8fat8ziet7 kuai5lok8)
Birthday greetings 生日快樂 (sang1ngit7 kuai5lok8
One language is never enough 一種語言永遠不夠
(jit7zung3 ngi1ngien2 jun1jen3 but7kieu5)
My hovercraft is full of eels
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