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Useful Occitan phrases

A collection of useful phrases in Occitan. Click on the English phrases to see them in many other languages.

Key to abbreviations: frm = formal, inf = informal, pl = said to more than one person.

English Occitan
Welcome Benvengut! Benvenguda! Planvengut! Planvenguda!
(General greeting)
Bonjorn! Adieu! Adieussiatz!
How are you?

I'm fine, thanks. And you?
Va plan? Cossí va? Cossí vas? Cossí anatz?
Qué de nòu? (What's new?)
Va plan, mercés. E tu? (inf) E vos? (frm/pl)
Aital aital. Sens mai. Cal far anar (so-so)
Tot es vièlh (amai s'esquiça)!
Long time no see Fa bèla pausa!
What's your name?

My name is ...
Cossí te dison? Cossí te sonas? (inf)
Cossí vos dison? Cossí vos sonatz? (frm)
Me dison ... Me soni ... M'apèli ...
Where are you from?
I'm from ...
D'ont siás? D'ont sètz?
Soi de ...
Pleased to meet you Encantat! Encantada!
Morning greeting(s) Bonjorn
Afternoon greeting(s) Bon vèspre
Evening greeting(s) Bonser
Nighttime parting phrase(s) Bona nuèch
Parting phrase(s) A lèu! Adieu! Adieussiatz!
Good luck Bon astre!
Toasts used when drinking A la bona santat! A la nòstra!
Have a nice day Bona jornada!
Bon appetit /
Have a nice meal
Bon apetís!
Bon voyage /
Have a good journey
Bon viatge!
I don't understand Compreni pas
Please speak more slowly Pòdes parlar mens aviat? (inf)
Podètz parlar mens aviat? (frm)
Please say that again O pòdes tornar dire? (inf)
O podètz tornar dire? (frm)
Please write it down Escriu-me-lo, se te plai (inf)
Escrivètz-me-lo, se vos plai (frm)
Do you speak Occitan?
Yes, a little
Parlas occitan? (inf) Parlatz occitan? (frm)
Òc, un pauc. Òc, una mica
How do you say ... in Occitan? Cossí se ditz ... en occitan?
Excuse me Perdon? Desencusa? Desencusatz?
How much is this? Quant es?
Sorry Perdon! Desencusa! Desencusatz!
Thank you
Amb plaser!
Where's the toilet? Ont son los comuns?
This gentleman/lady will pay for everything Aqueste òme o pagarà tot (gentleman)
Aquesta femna o pagarà tot (lady)
Would you like to dance with me? Vòles dançar amb ieu? (frm)
Volètz dançar amb ieu? (inf)
I love you T'aimi. T'estimi
Would you marry me? Me vòls maridar? (inf) Me volètz maridar? (frm)
Òc, o vòli (Yes, I will) Jamai de la vida! (In your dreams!)
Get well soon Remet-te lèu! Remetètz-vos lèu!
Leave me alone! Daissa-me estar! Daissatz-me tranquil!

Be careful!
Ajuda! Secors! Assisténcia!
Al fuòc!
Estòp! Arrèsta! Arrestatz!
Atencion! Gara! Mèfi!
Call the police! Sona la polícia! (inf) Sonatz la polícia! (frm)
Christmas and New Year greetings Polit Nadal e bona annada
Easter greetings Bonas Pascas
Birthday greetings Aürós aniversari!
One language is never enough Una soleta lenga basta pas jamai
My hovercraft is full of eels
Why this phrase?
Mon aerolisador es plen d'anguilas

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