Words for sweet in Celtic languages.

Proto-Celtic *melissis, *melisti = sweet
Old Irish (Goídelc) milis [ˈmʲilʲisʲ] = sweet
Irish (Gaeilge) milis [ˈmʲɪlʲɪʃ] = sweet, tender, tasty, fresh (water); honeyed (words), flattering
milisbhriathrach = sweet-spoken, honey-tongued
milisín = sweet morsel
militeach = honey-eating
miliúil = honey-like, honeyed
milseán = sweet, bonbon, candy; sweet dish, dessert
milseog = dessert; sweetheart, darling
milsigh = to sweeten
uisce milis = sweet/fresh water
chomh milis le míl = as sweet as honey
teange mhilis = flattering tongue
briathra milse = honeyed words
Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) milis [milɪʃ] = sweet; melodious, musical; flattering
aran-milis = gingerbread
baine milis = sweet milk, condensed milk
buntàta milis = sweet potato, yam
coirce-milis = sweet corn, maize
slaman-milis = jelly
cho milis ris an t-siùcar / cho milis ris a’ mhil = as sweet as honey
Manx (Gaelg) millish = sweet, darling, sugary, dulcet, honeyed, luscious, fruity, balmy
bee millish = sweetmeat, sweet
feddan millish = recorder, fipple flute
focklyn millish = honeyed words
fooillagh millish = trifle
slumm millish = jelly
ushtey millish = fresh water
Proto-Brythonic *melɨs = sweet
Welsh (Cymraeg) melys [ˈmɛlɨ̞s/ˈmeːlɪs/ˈmɛlɪs] = sweet, pleasant-tasting, delicious, tasty; not salty, fresh (water); delightful, agreeable, pleasant, charming; sweet-sounding, euphonious, melodious; sweet-smelling, fragrant
dant melys = sweet tooth
pethau melys = sweets
tatws melys = sweet potato
Cornish (Kernewek) melys [‘mɛlɪs/’mɛləʃ] = very sweet, honeyed
kleves melys = diabetes

From Proto-Indo-European *mélid (honey)), which is also the root of the English words mildew and mulch [source].

Welsh (Cymraeg) chwech [χweːχ/hweːχ] = sweet
Cornish (Kernewek) hweg = sweet, dear, gentle, kind, nice, pleasant, pleasing
hweg-oll = darling, delightful, sweetest
ys hweg = sweetcorn, maize
Breton (Brezhoneg) c’hwek = delicate, tricky, sensitive, tactful, thoughtful, fussy, particular
mel c’hwek = sweet honey
gwin c’hwek = sweet wine

The usual Breton word for sweet is dous, which probably comes from the Old French dous (soft, tender), form the Latin dulcis (sweet, fragrant, melodious), from the Proto-Indo-European *dl̥kú- (sweet) [source].

Words marked with a * are reconstructions.

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