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Celtic connections

A comparison of the six modern Celtic languages

Celtic connections - words that are similar in all or most of the Celtic languages

Cognates that appear in all or most of the Celtic languages

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Time expressions

am àm am amser amser amzer time
aois, céad ceud eash, keead canrif cansbledhen kantved century
bliain bliadhna blein blwyddyn blydhen bloaz year
mi, mìos mee mis mis miz month
seachtain seachdain shiaghtin wythnos seythun sizhun week
latha laa dydd dydh deiz day
uair uair oor awr eur eur hour
nóiméad mionaid minnid munud mynysenn munut minute
soicind dìog tullagh eiliad segond, enn second


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Stòr-fhaclan Co-dhàimheil Ceilteach (Database of Celtic cognates)

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