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How to say hello on the telephone in a variety of different languages. See the other hello page to learn how to say hello when not on the phone.

Guide to abbreviations: inf = informal, frm = formal, sg = singular (said sg), dl = dual (said to two people), pl = plural (said to three or more people), rsp = respectful form, m = said by men, f = said by women

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Language Hello (on phone)
Adyghe Алло
Albanian (Gheg) Alo
Albanian (Tosk) Alo
(Modern Standard)
('āllō) آلو
(alu) الو
ալլո (Alló)
Assamese হেল্ল' (hello)
Bengali হ্যালো (Hyalo)
Bikol Hello
Bosnian Halo
Bulgarian Ало (Alo)
Burmese ဟဲလို? (hello)
Catalan Hola?
噯 (oi)
喂 (ôe)
Czech Haló
Danish Hallo
Elfdalian Häj!
English (British) Hello
Extremaduran Sí?
Finnish Haloo?
French Allô ?
Georgian ალო (alo)
გისმენთ (gisment)
German Hallo
Greek (Modern) Έλα (Éla) - inf
Λέγετε (Léyete) - frm
Εμπρός (Embrós) - inf
Παρακαλώ; (Parakaló?) - inf
Greenlandic Haluu
Hebrew (Halo) הלו
Hindi हेलो (helo)
Hungarian Halló
Indonesian Halo
Italian Pronto?
Japanese もしもし (moshi moshi)
Kabiye Allo
Kabyle Allu ?
Kalmyk Алло (Allo)
Kiribati Hello
Korean 여보세요 (yeoboseyo)
Kumyk Алло! (Allo!)
Kurdish (Sorani) Elu
Lithuanian Alio
Okinawan もしもし (moshi moshi)
Macedonian Ало (Alo)
Magahi हलो /həlo:/
हेलो /heːloː/
Mongolian Байна уу (Baina uu)
Muscogee (Creek / Seminole) Estonko?
Nogai Алло?
Norwegian Hallo
Polish Halo
Portuguese Está lá?
Estou sim?
Portuguese (Brazilian) Alô?
Romanian Alo
Russian Алло? (Allo?)
Rusyn Вітай (Vitaj)
Агой (Ahoj)
Serbian Молим (Molim)
Sinhala හලෝ (halō)
Slovenian Halo
Sorbian (Upper) Hallo
Spanish ¡Diga!
Tabassaran Алло (Allo)
Tagalog Musta? (inf)
Kumusta? (frm)
Thai ฮัลโหล (hanlǒh)
Tokelauan Tālofa
Tsotsil K'uxi
Turkish Alo, Efendim
Tuvaluan Tālofa!
Udmurt Чырткем (Čyrtkem)
Ӟечбур (Dźečbur) - sg
Ӟечбуресь (Dźečbures’) - pl
Умой (Ymoj) - sg
Умоесь (Ymoes’) - pl
Ukrainian Алло (Allo)
Слухаю (Sluchaju)
Urdu (helo) ەيلو
Uyghur تىشلىقمۇ
frm - (Tishliqmu)
from Chinese 喂 - inf - (Wey)
Uzbek Labbay!
Vietnamese Á-lô!
Westrobothnian (Piteå) Häi
Auxiliary and constructed languages
Esperanto Halo
Ido Saluto
Bona jorno
Interlingua Hallo!


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