One Alone

Words for one and related things in Celtic languages:


Proto-Celtic *oinos/*oyno- = one
*oynānos = alone, personally
Old Irish (Goídelc) oen [oːi̯n] = one
oenar [ˈoːi̯nər] = one person, alone, by oneself
oentu [ˈoːi̯n͈tu] = oneness, unity
oínḟer [oːi̯nʲer] = one person
Middle Irish (Gaoidhealg) óen = one, the same, single, only, unique
oenar = a single individual, one alone, one person
oentu = oneness, unity, association, fellowship, alliance
Irish (Gaeilge) aon [eːn̪ˠ/iːnˠ] = one, any, same, only
aonad = unit
aonadach = unitary
aonán = individual
aonar = one, lone, person, single, solitary
aonarach = single, solitary, lone
aonaracht = singularity, solitude
aonarán = single, solitary person
aontaigh = to unite
aonú = first
Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) aon [ɯ̃ːn] = one, same, sole, approximately, about
aonachd = unity, union
aonaich = to combine, coalesce, unite, intergrate
aonaichte = united, integrated
aonan = one item/thing/person
aonar = one (person), (state of being) alone
aonanag = onesie
aonaranach = alone, desolate, deserted, lone, solitary
aonrachd = solitude, solitariness
Manx (Gaelg) un [eːn/ɯːn/uːn] = one
unnane = one, identical, ace (in cards)
nane = one
unnaneagh = particular, singular, unanimous
unnaneysee, unnaneysey = to unite
unnaneysit = united
Proto-Brythonic *ʉn [ʉːn] = one
Old Welsh un = one
ungueid = once
Middle Welsh (Kymraec) un, vn [ʉn] = one, single, individual
unbin, vnbenn, unbyn = dictator, monarch, tyrant, despot, chief
unkyrn, vncorn, ynkorn = unicorn, one-horned
unweith, vn weith, vnwaith = once
Welsh (Cymraeg) un [ɨːn/iːn] = one, single, individual, only, sole, unique, special, united, combined
unaf, uno = to unite, unify, coalesce, amalgamate, combine, join, connect, agree, be reconciled
unaidd = united, unary
unawd = solo (music/dance)
unawdr, unawdydd = soloist
unben = dictator, monarch, tyrant, despot, chief
unbriodas = monogamy
uncorn, ungorn = unicorn, one-horned, chimney-stack
unwaith = once, (on) one occasion, (at) one or any time, sometime
Middle Cornish (Cernewec) un = one, individual
uncorn = unicorn
unsel = only, alone
unver = of one mind, unanimous, agreed
unya = to make one, unite, join
unwyth = once
Cornish (Kernewek) unn, udn [ˈʏn/ˈɪᵈn] = one, only, single, sole
unnik = individual, only, single, sole, unique
unplek = singular
unran = one-piece
unsel = only
unses = unit, unity
untu = one-sided, unilateral
unver = agreed, in agreement, unanimous
unweyth = incidentally, once, only
unya = to unite
Old Breton (Brethonoc) un = one
Middle Breton (Brezonec) un, unn, unan, vnan, en, eun, oun = one
unanaat = to unify
unanadur = unification
unanded = uniqueness
unander = singular
unanelezh = unit, unity
Breton (Brezhoneg) un, unan = one, someone, unit, unity
unvanadur = unification
unander = singular
unvaniñ = to unify
unanelezh = uniqueness

Etymology: possibly from Proto-Indo-European *(h₁)óynos (one, single) [source].

English words from the same roots include one, a, an and oenology (the study of wines and winemaking) [source].

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