Scratching Scrapes

Words for scratch, scrape and related things in Celtic languages:

Scratch Cat

Proto-Celtic *skrībbāti = to scratch
Old Irish (Goídelc) scrípaid = to scratch
Middle Irish (Gaoidhealg) scrípaid, scripad, scripadh = to scratch
Irish (Gaeilge) scríob [sˠcɾʲiːbˠ / ʃcɾʲiːbˠ] = to scrape, scratch
scríobach = abrasive, scraping, scratching, scratchy
scríobadach = scraping, scratching, scrawl
scríobadh = to scrape, scratch, scrapings
scríobaire = scraper, scribing-iron, scriber
scríobálaí = scraper, miser
scríobán = grater
scríobaitheamh = abrasion
scríoblach = scrapings, scraps
scríoblíne = scratch
scríobóg = (little) scratch, scraping, niggardly woman
Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) sgrìob [sgrʲiːb] = scrape, scratch, grate
sgrìobadh [sgrʲiːbəɣ] = scratching, scraping, score, scratch, scrape, grating
sgrìobag [sgrɔːbag] = slight scratch/scrape, index/pointer finger
Manx (Gaelg) screeb = abrasion, scolding, score, scrape, scratch
screebage = cockleshell, scar, scratch, flourish
screebagh = abrasive, fricative, frictional, scraping, scrapy, scratchy, itchy
scrabey = to abrade, chafe, claw, dress, friction, grate, graze, itch, rasp, scrape, scratch, scrawl; clawing, scraping, scratching
Welsh (Cymraeg) (y)sgrap, sgrâp = scraper, scratch, scrape
sgrapad = scratch, scrape
sgrap(i)af, sgrap(i)o = to scratch, scrape (together)
(y)sgraper = scraper
Middle Cornish (Cernewec) scrivinas = to scratch, claw
Middle Breton (Brezonec) skrab = scratching
skrabad = cut
skrabadenn = a big scratch
skrabadur = scraping
skrabañ, skrabat = to hurry up, to scratch
skraberezh = scratching
Breton (Brezhoneg) skrabañ = to scratch

Etymology: possibly from Proto-Indo-European *(s)kreybʰ- (to scratch, to tear) [source]. The Welsh words come from the English scrape.

Words from the same roots include scribble, scribe, script, shrift and shrive in English, and scritta (writing, notice, sign) and scrìvere (to write, spell) in Italian [source].

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