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General information about Irish

Online Irish lessons and other resources for learners

Online Irish lessons

Irish learning software

Other resources for learners of Irish

Online Irish phrases

Irish alphabet and spelling

Irish grammar

Proverbs, sayings and stories in Irish - ríomhchainteoir (Irish text-to-speech)

Dúradáin Mheabhracha - educational card game in Irish

Online Irish dictionaries (Donegal Irish) (Irish-Manx-Scottish Gaelic) (Irish-Russian) (Irish-Welsh) (Medieval Irish) (Old Irish) (Place names dictionary) (Terminology) (Links to more Irish dictionaries)

Dictionary of bird names / Foclór Animneacha éin
(English-Irish / Gaeilge-Béarla) Dictionary.htm Dictionary.htm - foclóirí agus liostaí téarmaíochta, ceachtanna agus téacsanna faoi cheird an aistriúcháin, agus taisce de théacsanna Gaeilge:

Irish translation

Advice about Irish translation

Get the Focal - free Irish language translator for the iPhone and other mobile phones

Irish language radio and TV

Irish language radio

Radio stations that play a lot of Irish and other celtic music

Irish language television

Irish language newspapers and magazines

Irish language newspapers

Irish language magazine

Online Irish language book and music shops

Irish language courses in Ireland

Oideas Gael - courses for adults in Irish language and culture

Áras na nGael - Irish courses in Galway

Irish-medium schools

Irish uncial alphabet/Gaelic Script (An Cló Gaelach)

Information about the Gaelic script

Scríbhinní - information about the Irish uncial script in Irish

Ceithre Céad Bliain de Chló Éireannach / Four centuries of printing in the Irish character:

Free Irish uncial fonts

Information the Irish uncial alphabet / An Cló Gaelach

Irish pages

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Links pages

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