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Hieroglyphs - includes a hieroglyph sentence composer

Jim Loy's Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Egyptology Page

Introduction to hieroglyphs - includes full colour illustration

Hieroglyphics - basic introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Hieroglyph fonts fonts.htm

Hieroglyph dictionaries

Your name in Hieroglyphs

Musée Champollion, Figeac - website of the Champollion Museum in Figeac, France (in French):


Information about the Hieratic script

Basic Lessons in Hieratic


Information about the Demotic script

Demotic dictionary project


About the Copts and the Coptic language

The Coptic Studies Corner

Coptic lessons

Free Coptic fonts

Coptic Orthodox Church Network

Ancient Egyptian language

The language of ancient Egypt - basic introduction to the language and scripts

The Pronunciation of Ancient Egyptian

Information about Ancient Egypt

British Museum's pages on Ancient Egypt

Wikipedia page about Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Online - information about the culture, language, religion and history

Egyptian mythology

Anubis - information about Egyptian gods, goddess and mythology

Akhet Egyptology

Information about Ancient Egyptian

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Egyptian languages

Ancient Egyptian, Coptic

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