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Online Arabic lessons and other resources for learners

Online lessons in Modern Standard Arabic

Arabic Language - various resources for learning Arabic

Kaleela - an app that teachers you Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Syrian Dialect, Palestinian-Jordanian Arabic and Iraqi Dialect

Online lessons in Egyptian Arabic

Online lessons in Lebanese Arabic

Online lessons in Moroccan Arabic

Essential words and phrases in Iraqi Arabic (with audio)

Learn the Arabic alphabet

Arabic alphabet song

How to read handwritten Arabic

Arabic learning resources

Online virtual Arabic keyboards

Arabic phrases

Phrases in Egyptian Arabic

Phrases in Moroccan Arabic

Send emails in Arabic using without Arabic software

Arabic dictionaries

Arabic translation

Arabic <> English online translation tools

Arabic translation - free translation of names and phrases into Arabic

Arabic translation

Arabic language radio and TV

Online Arabic language radio

Links to Arabic TV stations

Online Arabic language news

Links to online Arabic language newspapers

Arabic fonts

Free Arabic fonts

Arabic Translation
Arabic Translation
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Arabic calligraphy (الخط العربي)

Your name in Arabic calligraphy


Al-Mu'allim Digital Qur'an

Courses in Arabic for other languages

Amazighia courses / تعلم الامازيغية

Chinese courses / تعلم الصينية

Danish courses / دروس الدانمركية">

Dutch courses / دروس الهولندية

English courses / دورات اللغة الإنجليزية

Finnish courses / دروس الفنلدية

French courses / دورات الفرنسية

German courses / دروس الالمانية

Greek courses / دروس اليونانية

Hindi courses / تعلم الهندية

Italian courses / دروس الايطالية

Japanese courses / تعلم اليابانية

Korean courses / تعلم الكورية

Norwegian courses / دروس النرويجية

Russian courses / دروس الروسية

Spanish courses / دروس الإسبانية

Swedish courses / تعلم السويدية

Thai courses / دروس التايلندية

Turkish courses / دروس التركية

Vietnamese courses / دروس الفيتنامية

Other languages

- Learn Arabic online with ArabicPod101

- - learn colloquial Arabic of Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, the Levant, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Sudan or Tunisia
Learn Arabic Online

Learn Arabic Online with Rocket Languages

- eArabic Learning - Learn Arabic Online with Live Teachers

- Learn Arabic with Glossika
- Learn Arabic now at Rocket Languages!
- Arabic Genie - a quick and easy way to learn the Arabic alphabet

Arabic courses and other resources available on Amazon

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Links for individual languages

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