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Writing systems

Bibliography of Alphabets & Writing Systems

Evolution of Alphabets

Thoth's Pill: an Animated History of Writing Systems

THE WORLD'S LANGUAGES - classifies and describes all natural languages, both present and extinct

Apps that help you learn alphabets and other writing systems

History of writing - images illustrating the development of writing from ancient times to the present

Script Systems Catalogue - a collection of alphabet and script charts put together by Boaz Reznik ( - PDF

Alphabets - Le site de tous les alphabets (en français)

L'aventure des écritures (en français)

Alphabets des langues africaines (alphabets of African languages)

Alfabetos de Ayer y de Hoy (en español)

Kallos Graphein - information about the history and development of writing and calligraphy (auf Deutsch)

Alte Schriften - information about writing systems (auf Deutsch)

Abecedaria - a blog about keyboarding in diverse scripts, literacy and digital literacy, and random quotes selected from the history of writing system theory

Philippine leaf - a site about ancient Philippine scripts

Grierson's Linguistic Survey of India

Lessing B. Rosenwald Digital Collection at the US Library of Congress

Tanjung Tanah manuscript, a book of laws from the late fourteenth century, written in a Sumatran post-Kawi script closely related to Javanese/Balinese:

Hindi Rinny - samples of typography and sometimes handwriting in various scripts of India

World handwriting samples collection

Linguo-Graphic - colour-based adapations of alphabets and other writing-related images

World Spelling Alphabets

SightWords - free resources to teach your child to read

books   Books about writing systems



Transliteration of Non-Roman Scripts

linguos - a way to search for information in non-Roman scripts using Latin transliteration

Transliterators: Latin - Cyrillic, Georgian, Greek, etc

The Complete Official Guidelines of Transliteration and Romanization of Non-Latin Script Languages

Transliteration and spell checkers for Armenian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Russian and Ukrainian:

Thai to English transliteration

Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Latin transliterator

CyrAcademisator - transliteration and transcription tool for Russian texts

Alibata transliterator (Latin alphabet to the Tagalog script)

Hindi transliteration

Aksharamukha Asian Script Converter

Latin alphabets for non-latin-writing languages

English > Tengwar (Sindarin, Quenya, etc)

Cirth | Sarati | Tengwar for Quenya | Tengwar for Sindarin | Uruk Runes | Links | Books about Tolkien's languages | Tolkien's books


Online input for various writing systems

These are sites that enable you to type in a various writing systems using online virtual keyboards.

Virtual keyboards for a variety of languages


Text to Speech

Multilingual text-to-speech

Voice to text



The National Archives | Palaeography tutorial (how to read old handwriting)

Byzantine Paleography

Medieval Writing

Medieval Latin Paleography

Medieval and Early-Modern Paleography

English Handwriting 1500-1700


Alternative writing/notation systems

Details of a Proto-Bulgarian script which was used before Glagolitic or Cyrillic

Sutton Movement Writing - a system for representing any kind of body movement, including the movements of dance, mime, sports, body language and animals

Phonetic picture writing, by Leonhard Heinzmann

Universal Picture Language

Media Glyphs - an attempt to produce a common writing system for the world

Earth Language - a writing system made up of ideograms and phonetics based on nature

Unideo - a picto/ideographic writing system (en français)

Brasseur Universal Code - a system of symbolic logic characters

Many different writing systems created by Trent M. Pehrson


Miscellaneous writing-related sites

Character finder - a site where you can find out which accented letters or other characters are used in which language(s), and other useful information about characters, fonts and unicode:

The book and the Computer - The Future of the Printed Word (in English & Japanese)

The Alphabet Synthesis Machine - generates alphabets and lets you turn them into fonts

Mots et merveilles des langues d'ici et d'ailleurs

Lorem Ipsum - random text generator for a variety of languages

Dummy Text - automatically adds placeholder text into your HTML templates, mockups, or websites

Free Word Count tool

Scripts of the World - a widget for the Opera browser that enable you to type in just about any writing system:

Tim Brooke's Endangered Alphabets Project

The New Post-literate: A Gallery Of Asemic Writing


Information about punctuation

Free punctuation checker


Writing (books, etc.)

Writing.Com - the online community for writers and readers of all ages and interests

A to Z Writing - links to sites about writing, writing systems, etc

The Writing Journey - Creative writing discovery courses

Information about authors and their literary works


Links pages

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Links for individual languages

Ancient Egyptian | Arabic | Breton | Celtic languages | Chinese | Cornish | Dutch | English | French | German | Greek | Hebrew | Hindi | Irish | Italian | Japanese | Korean | Manx | Portuguese | Russian | Scottish Gaelic | Spanish | Welsh | Tolkien's languages


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