Tolkien's languages and alphabets

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Information about Tolkien's languages (Quenya, Sindarin, etc)

The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship - an international organization devoted to the scholarly study of the invented languages of J.R.R. Tolkien:

Fellowship of the Word-smiths / Gwaith-i-Phethdain

Ardalambion - a site about the Tolkien's invented languages

Eldalamberon - The Elvish Pages

Parma Tyelpelassiva - The book of silver leaves

Ardhon Ellammath, the Realm of the Elf-languages

El Instituto Lingüístico Lambenor - information about Tolkien's alphabets and languages (en español):

Online Quenya and Sindarian lessons

Quenya phrases

I Yessessë (First Chapter of Genesis in Quenya - spoken)

Elvish (Quenya and Sindarin) dictionaries

The Sindarin Survival Project - a collection of information about the Sindarin language


Information about the Tengwar and Tolkien's other alphabets

Tolkien's Middle-earth alphabets, by Dan Smith

Tengwar (Elvish)

The Tengwar of Feanor - detailed information about Tengwar

Tengwar Guides - how to write Quenya, Sindarin & Swedish with Tengwar

Tengwar modes for various languages (Arabic) (Black Speech) (Bulgarian) (Catalan) (Czech) (Dutch) (Esperanto) (Finnish) (French) (Galician) (German) (Hebrew) (Lojban) (Old English) (Polish) (Polish) (Russian & Ukrainian) (Spanish)

Online Tengwar Transcriber - transliterates text in various languages, including English Quenya, Polish and Sindarin, into Tengwar:


Information about Sarati (includes a free font)

Information on how Sarati can be used to write Quenya

Sarati typewriter, by Ethan Deneault

Hebrew modes for Sarati, by Yehuda Ronen


Klingon mode for Cirth


Fonts for Tolkien's alphabets

Tengwar fonts

Sarati fonts

Cirth fonts


Names in Tolkien's languages

Write Your Name in Elvish (Tengwar) in Ten Minutes

Elvish Name Translations

Elvish names

Now We Have All Got Elvish Names

The Elvish Name Generator

Elvish Names Database (Quenya, Sindarin & Rohirric)

The Hobbit Name Generator


Tengwar pages

Tengwar for Quenya, Sindarin, Arabic, English, High Valyrian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Kurdish, Portugese, Scottish Gaelic (1), Scottish Gaelic (2), Spanish, Spanish (Latin American), Turkish, Vietnamese, Welsh

Tolkien's alphabets and languages

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Links pages

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Links for individual languages

Ancient Egyptian | Arabic | Breton | Celtic languages | Chinese | Cornish | Dutch | English | French | German | Greek | Hebrew | Hindi | Irish | Italian | Japanese | Korean | Latin | Manx | Portuguese | Russian | Scottish Gaelic | Spanish | Welsh | Tolkien's languages



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