Irish tongue twisters (Rabhlóga)

Ná bac le mac an bhacaigh is ní bhacfaidh mac an bhacaigh leat!
Don't bother with the son of the beggarman and the son of the beggarman won't bother you!

An bhfaca tú an bacach, nó an bhfaca tú a mhac?
Ní fhaca mé an bacach is ní fhaca mé a mhac,
ach dá bhfeicfinnse an bacach nó dá bhfeicfinnse a mhac,
ní bhacfainn leis an mbacach is ní bhacfainn lena mhac!

Did you see the beggarman or did you see his son?
I didn't see the beggarman nor did I see his son,
but if I should see the beggarman or should I see his son,
I'd ignore the beggarman and I'd ignore his son!

D'ith damh dubh ubh amh ar neamh inniu.
The black ox ate a raw egg in heaven today.

Dhá shú the dom féin.
Two hot soups for myself (Ulster dialect)

Bhí banjo ag Joe,
ní banjo ag bean Joe,
ach is fearr go mór banjo ag Joe
ná an banjo ag bean Joe go deo.

Joe had a banjo,
Joe's wife didn't have a banjo.
but Joe's banjo was always much better
than Joe's wife's banjo.

Bhí bean ag Joe
Is bhí banjo ag Joe
Is bhí banjo ag bhean Joe
B'fhearr go deo Joe ar an mbanjo
Ná bean Joe ar an mbanjo go deo.

Joe had a wife,
and Joe had a banjo,
and Joe's wife had a banjo.
Joe was always better on the banjo
than Joe's wife ever was.

Seacht sicín ina seasamh sa sneachta lá seaca.
Seven chickens standing in the snow on a frosty day.

Bíonn báisteach uafásach san fhásach.
There is terrible rain in the wilderness / desert.

Fear feargach ag faire na farraige fuaire.
An angry man watching the cold sea.

Cheannaigh cailín cliste ceanúil císte.
A clever, affectionate girl bought a cake.

Chuaigh ceannaí cneasta cliste thar chlaí crua chloch.
A smart, kind merchant went over the hard stone wall.

Cearc ag piocadh piobair de phláta Pheadair.
A chicken is picking peppers from Peter's plate.

Bhí bean bheag bhocht breoite bruite leis an bhfuacht.
The poor little sick women was scaled with the cold.

Rinne Máire gáire gan náire ag an fhaire i nDoire anuraidh.
Mary laughed shamelessly at the look-out in Derry last year.


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