Albanian tongue twisters (fjalëshpejtë)

Kali ka katër këmbë, këmbët e kalit kërcasin kur kali kalon kanalin.
The horse has four legs, the horse’s legs crack when the horse passes the canal.
IPA transcription: [kali ka katəɾ kəmbə, kəmbət ɛ kalit kəɾtsasin kuɾ kali kalɔn kanalin]

Karikaturisti karikaturon karikatura karakteristike.
The cartoonist draws characteristic caricatures. (the verb “karikaturon” refers to a person who draws caricatures)
IPA transcription: [kaɾikatuɾisti kaɾikatuɾɔn kaɾikatuɾa kaɾakteristikɛ]

Kupa me kapak kupa pa kapak.
The cup with the lid on, the cup with the lid off.
IPA transcription: [kupa mɛ kapak, kupa pa kapak]

Thanas Thuthuqi tha se tharku i thiut thuret me thupra të thata thane, thiu therret me thikë.
Thanas Thuthuqi (name) said that the pig’s sty is knitted with dried cornel sticks, the pig is stabbed with the knife.
IPA transcription: [θanas θuθuc͡çi tha sɛ θaɾku i θiut θuɾɛt mɛ θupɾa tə θata θanɛ, θiu θɛrɛt mɛ θik]

Thuaj tha m'i thënë a i ka thënë, thuaj tha i kam thënë thuaj m'i thënë!
Tell him/her he/she said to tell him/her whether he/she told him, tell him/her he/she said I told him/her to tell him/her “tell him/her”.
IPA transcription: [θuaj θa mi θən a i ka θən, θuaj θa i kam θən θuaj mi θən]

E shes thesin, s'e shes thesin
I sell the sack, I don't sell the sack

Polli pula e Lleshit në kaçile të leshit
The hen of Lleshi laid an egg in a wool basket

Pi dhi ne kusi
Drink goat in the pot

E lidha kalin prej gardhi
I tied the horse to the fence

Qante Qaniu pas qerres së qumshtit se qeni qimekuq i qe qepur pas
Weeping Qaniu behind the milk cart because the puppy with red hair was stitched behind

Albanian tongue twisters and recordings provided by Plator Glashi and Hazis Duka


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