Words for victory and related words in Celtic languages.


Proto-Celtic *boudi = profit, gain, victory
*boudīkos = victorious
*Boudīkā = a female given name
Gaulish *boudi = profit, gain, victory
*Boudīkā = a female given name
Old Irish (Goídelc) búaid [buːa̯ðʲ] = benefit, gift, profit, quality, triumph, victory, virtue
búadach = gifted, triumphant, victorious
Irish (Gaeilge) bua [bˠuə] = victory, truimph; gift, talent; virtue merit; special quality
bua morálta = moral victory
ollbhua [ˈɔl̪ˠˌwuə] = landslide victory
buach = victorious
buachan = gain, victory
buaigh = to win, gain; defeat, overcome; succeed
Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) buaidh [buəj] = success, conquest, victory, consequence, effect, impact, influence, sway, mastery, predominance
buaidh-làrach = decisive victory
buaidh-chaithream = triumph, triumphant shout or song
buaidheach = victorious, effective
buadhach = victorious, effective, influential, talented, gifted
buadhalach = victorious, triumphant
diombuaidheach = unsuccessful, unlucky, defeatist
Buaidheach = Boudica (female given name)
Manx (Gaelg) booie = victorious, victory, triumph
Proto-Brythonic *bʉd = profit
*bʉðig = victorious
*Bʉðig = a female given name
Middle Welsh (Kymraec) ysbud, bud, but = profit, gain, booty
butic / budic = victorious, truimphant, prosperous, successful, beneficial, generous, kind
Welsh (Cymraeg) budd [bɨːð / biːð] = profit, gain, booty, riches, wealt, blessing, favour, advantage, emolument, benefit, usefulness
buddfawr = bearing much booty or spoils, profitable, beneficial
buddfawredd = generosity, gain
buddgar = conferring blessings, beneficial, generous, covetous
buddged = benefit, adventage, gain, gift, reward
buddio = to profit, succeed, prosper, benefit
buddig / buddug = victorious, truimphant, prosperous, successful, beneficial, generous, kind
Buddug = Boudica (female given name)
buddugaf, buddugo = to triumph, gain a victory, conquer
buddugiol = victorious, conquering, triumphant, mighty, successful
buddugioliaeth = victory, conquest, supremacy, precedence, glory, triumph, exulation, jubliation
Cornish (Kernewek) budh = profit
budhek = victorious
Old Breton bud = profit
Breton (Brezhoneg) buz = profit
Budic = Boudica (female given name)

Etymology: from the Proto-Indo-European *bʰówdʰi (victory) [source]. The English word booty possibly comes from the same Gaulish root, via Old French and Middle Low German [source].

The name Boudica (the Queen of the Iceni who led an uprising against the Romans in 60/61 AD) comes from the Latin Boudicca / Boadicea, from the Gaulish *Boudīkā [source].

Words marked with a * are reconstructions.

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