Hound Dogs

Words for dog in Celtic languages.

Proto-Celtic *kū = dog, wolf
Gaulish cuna = dog
Primitive Irish ᚉᚒᚅᚐ (cuna) = hound, wolf
Old Irish (Goídelc) [kuː] = dog
Irish (Gaeilge) [kuː] = dog, hound, greyhound; wolf; hero, champion
Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) [kuː] = dog, canine
Manx (Gaelg) coo [kuː] = dog, cur, hound, wolf-dog
Proto-Brythonic ki [kiː] = dog
Middle Welsh (Kymraec) ci / ki = dog
Welsh (Cymraeg) ci [kiː] = dog, hound, cur
Old Cornish ci = dog
Cornish (Kernewek) ki [kiː] = dog
Middle Breton ci / qui = dog
Breton (Brezhoneg) ki [kiː] = dog

Etymology: from the Proto-Indo-European *ḱwṓ (dog), which is also the root of the English words hound and canine [source].

Old Irish (Goídelc) madrad, matrad = dog
Middle Irish (Gaoidhealg) matad = common dog, cur
Irish (Gaeilge) madra [ˈmˠad̪ˠɾˠə] / madadh [ˈmˠad̪ˠə / ˈmˠad̪ˠu] = dog, cur
Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) madadh [madəɣ] = dog, mastiff
Manx (Gaelg) moddey [ˈmɔːðə] = dog, tyke
Welsh (Cymraeg) madyn / madog = fox

Etymology: unknown

Old Irish (Goídelc) gagar [ɡaɣər] = beagle, hunting dog
Middle Irish (Gaoidhealg) gadar = beagle, hunting dog
Irish (Gaeilge) gadhar [ɡəiɾˠ] = (hunting) dog, harrier, beagle, cur
Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) gadhar [gɤ.ər] = lurcher, mastiff, greyhound

Etymology: from the Old Norse gagarr [source].

Proto-Celtic *kulēnos = whelp
Old Irish (Goídelc) cuilén [ˈkulʲeːn] = puppy, cub, kitten
Irish (Gaeilge) coiléan [kɪˈlʲaːn̪ˠ] = pup, cub, whelp; youth, scion; trickster
Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) cuilean [kulan] = puppy, whelp; cub; seal pup; darling, dear; short/small bone
Manx (Gaelg) quallian = puppy
Welsh (Cymraeg) colwyn [kiː] = whelp, puppy, cub; lap-dog; spaniel
Old Cornish coloin = puppy
Cornish (Kernewek) kolen [ˈkɔlɪn] = puppy, cub
Breton (Brezhoneg) kolen = puppy, fawn, rabbit

Etymology: unknown

Old Irish (Goídelc) cana [ˈkana] = cub, puppy
Middle Irish (Gaoidhealg) cana [ˈkana] = cub, puppy
Irish (Gaeilge) cana [ˈkanˠə] = cub, whelp; bardic poet of fourth order
Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) cana [kanə] = puppy, whelp
Welsh (Cymraeg) cenau / cenaw = cub, whelp, puppy, kitten; son, descendant, scion, young warrior; knave, imp, rascal; catkin, cat’s tail

Etymology: possibly from the Latin canis (dog), from the Proto-Indo-European *ḱwṓ (dog) [source], or from the Proto-Celtic *kanawo (young animal).

Words marked with a * are reconstructions.

Sources: Wiktionary, Am Faclair Beag, MacBain’s Dictionary, In Dúil Bélrai English – Old-Irish Glossary, teanglann.ie, On-Line Manx Dictionary, Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru, Gerlyver Kernewek, Dictionnaire Favereau

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  1. I wonder where the Welsh word ‘bytheiad’ (hound, hunting dog) fits in to this? No etymology is show in the GPC.

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