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Naskapi (ᐃᔪᐤ ᐃᔨᒧᐅᓐ / Iyuw Imuun)

Naskapi is an Central Algonquian language with about 525 speakers in the Innu community of Kawawachikamach (ᑲᐛᐛᒋᑲᒪᒡ) in Northern Quebec and Mushuau in Labrador, Canada. The name Naskapi means "lousy dressers" in Montagnais. They call themselves Innu, and are part of the same Nation as the Montagnais, though their languages are distinct.

Naskapi is written either with a version of the Cree syllabary in Quebec, and with the Latin alphabet in Labrador.

Naskapi alphabet and pronunciation

Naskapi alphabet and pronunciation


Naskapi Syllabarium (ᓇᔅᑲᐱ ᐃᔪᐤ ᐃᔨᒧᐅᓐ)


Sample text in Naskapi

Sample text in Naskapi


The Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach (the "Nation") (originally known as the Naskapis de Schefferville Indian Band and later as the Naskapi Band of Quebec) is a First Nation with a population of approximately 750 registered Indians, who are also beneficiaries of the Northeastern Québec Agreement ("NEQA"). The majority reside in Kawawachikamach, Québec, located approximately 16 kilometres northeast of Schefferville. The village covers an area of approximately 40 acres and is situated on 16 square miles of Category IA-N land. There is ample room for expansion, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes.



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