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Unami is an Eastern Algonquian language that was historical spoken along the lower Delaware and Hudson rivers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware in the USA. Unami speakers later ended up in Ontario and Oklahoma. The last fluent speaker of Unami, Edward Thompson, died in 2002. However, before then the language was well documented, especially by the linguists Ives Goddard and Bruce Pearson, and efforts are currently being made to revive it.

Unami is considered a dialect of Lenape, along with Munsee, and both languages are referred to as Lenape or Delware. The name Lenape means "common person". The names Delaware or Delaware proper are sometimes used for Unami, Unami people in Oklahoma refer to themselves as Oklahoma Delaware.

Unami alphabet and pronuncation

Unami alphabet and pronunciation



Download an alphabet chart for Unami (Excel)

Sample text in Unami(Silent Night)

Wèmi pilët, ahi chitkwe
Kwishkwei piskèke
Sapëlee òkai nèk nisha
Pilsit mimëns ahi tànktitit
Nalai kawiyok
Nalai kawiyok.

Wèmi pilët, ahi chitkwe
Wëlësëwakàn òs'hakaming
Enjëlàk asuhatuwàk
Christ ènda mitahpit
Christ ènda mitahpit

Wèmi pilët, ahi chitkwe
Kètantuwit kwisa
Osëlee wënji wëshkingung
Pilët ènda pètapànge
Jesus Këmitahpi!
Jesus Këmitahpi!


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