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Limburgish (Limburgs)

Limburgish is a member of the East Low Franconian group of the Germanic languages. It is spoken by about 1.6 million people in Limburg in the Netherlands, and in Limburg and northeast Liege in Belgium. There are also Limburgish speakers in Rhineland in Germany.

Limburgish is considered a variety of German or Dutch by many people, and has much in common with these languages. Limburgish speakers often call their language plat (flat/slang), which is related to the flat plains of the area where it's spoken, and is also associated with the Dutch word platteland (countryside).

There are many varities of Limburgish and no standard written form, although a standard known as Algemein Gesjreve Limburgs (AGL) (Generally Written Limburgish) was developed during the 1990s. This was not generally supported. The Limburgish Language Council adopted a standard orthography for Limgurgish in 2003 and is using it in dictionaries. There is in fact little written in Limburgish.

Limburgish has been officially recognised by the regional government of Wallonia in Belgium since 1990, and has been recognised as a regional language by the Dutch government since 1997. It is not recognised by the Belgian national government of the German government.

Limburgish alphabet

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Limburgish pronunciation

Limburgish pronunciation


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Sample text in Limburgish

Oze vader, dae in de hemel ies,
eure naam ies oes heilig,
laot eur riek van vrae kómme op dees waereld
en laot oes handele volges eure wil.
Gaef ederein zien dageliks broad
en vergaef oes oos miessjlaeg,
zoa wie veer aan andere vergaeve wat ze taege oes miesdege,
bring oes neet in verzeuking
en verlos oes van alle koad.
Want van uuch ies 't keuninkriek
en de krach en de gelökzaligheid
in alle ièwigheid.


Details provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample video in Limburgish


Information about Limburgish

Limburgish dictionaries

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