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Language quiz

Here’s a recording of a mystery language. Can you guess or do you know which language it is, and where it’s spoken? Clue: this language was is occasionally written with the Arabic script.

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Name the language

Here’s a sample text in a conlang. Can you work out which language it is and which languages it’s based on? Si lla der goninew gwollar, lleman tra’ll yspeid, e’ll noeth cadd e’ll diwrn rhump di’n der a’n der, gwan sewenir-nu’ll pobl – ychweilan, dorfen, nascen, e foren – yn mun, yn ddynaldad. Gwan di […]

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Ynsee Gaelg (Learn Manx)

Ynsee Gaelg is a new site I found this week that contains Manx language lessons, games, stories, news and information about the language. The lessons are available at three levels: Toshiaghteyr (Beginners), Meanagh (Intermediate) and Ard (Advanced) and include sound files for all the phrases and texts, something that’s lacking from other online Manx lessons. […]

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Moves are apparently being made to establish a single written form of Cornish, which currently has four different spelling systems. The Cornish Language Partnership has set up a Linguistic Working Group consisting of Cornish speakers with a good knowledge of the language to recommend a solution to this excess of orthographies. A conference will be […]

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House of Languages

According to Eurolang, the Catalan government (Generalitat de Catalunya) is planning to provide over half a million euros to fund the setting up of Linguamón – Casa de les Llengües (House of Languages), a museum dedicated to the world’s linguistic diversity in Barcelona. The museum will use multimedia systems to allow for high levels of […]

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Unintentional questions

In many languages a raising inflection at the end of a statement makes it into a question. A post I read the other day on Invading Holland discusses the authors’ struggles with the Dutch language. Particularly the way he adds a raising inflection to the ends of statements, not because he want to make them […]

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