Omniglot News (26/12/21)

The new language pages on Omniglot this week are:

  • Ratahan (Toratán), a Philippine language spoken in the Southeast Minahasa Regency in the North Sulawesi Province in Indonesia.
  • Tiruray (Teduray), a Philippine language spoken in the Mindanao Region of the Philippines.
  • Tobian (ramarih Hatohobei), a Micronesian language spoken in the Hatohobei and Koroi states in Palau .

There are new numbers pages in: Rejang, Ratahan, Bhojpuri.

On the Omniglot blog this week there’s a post about Perspective, and the usual Language Quiz.

The mystery language in last week’s language quiz was Tokelauan (Gagana Tokelau), a Polynesian language spoken in Tokelau and New Zealand.

There are two Celtiadur posts this week: about words for heat and steps in Celtic languages.

I made a new video featuring Christmas greetings in 16 of the languages I know:

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