Radio Omniglot features a monthly podcast about language and related topics, a weekly Adventures in Etymology series, which explores the origins of words, and a weekly Omniglot News series, which summaries the latest developments on Omniglot, the online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages.

I’m also interested in featuring other people on the podcast. So if you’ve learnt languages, are learning languages, believe you can’t learn languages, work with languages in an capacity, or are just interested in language and words, and would like to take part in the podcast, you can contact me at:

The email address for your questions

A photo of Simon Ager, author of Omniglot

Who am I?
My name is Simon Ager, I live in Bangor in North Wales and earn a living from my website, Omniglot. I’ve studied quite a few languages, and also linguistics. My other main passion is music – I play various instruments, sing in choirs, and write songs and tunes.

More about me.

What’s an Omniglot?
Omniglot is a word I coined back in 1998. Originally it was the name of a web design and translation business I tried to set up, and it later became the name of my online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages.

More about Omniglot

Offshoots of Omniglot:

  • Omniglot blog – adventures in the world of words and language
  • Celtiadur – exploring connections between Celtic languages.
  • Facebook – a place to find out about the latest developments on Omniglot.
  • Omniglot Facebook fan club – a Facebook group where you can talk about language-related topics, and a good place to post translation requests.
  • Twitter (@omniglossia) – the latest up-dates on Omniglot.com, plus ‘interesting’ phrases from my language lessons, especially Duolingo.
  • Instagram (@ieithgi), photos and videos, including some language-related ones.
  • Youtube – videos about words, languages, music, etc.
  • TikTok (@omniglot) – language-related videos
  • Tiktok (@ieithgi) – videos featuring my tunes and songs
  • SoundCloud – my tunes and songs, and the Radio Omniglot podcast

If you would like to support this podcast, you can make a donation, or contribute to Omniglot in other ways.

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