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Radio Omniglot is a podcast I started 2018 to share information about language, linguistics, interesting words and phrases, and my own and other people’s experiences of learning and using languages.

It currently features the following series:

  • Adventures in Etymology, which explores the origins of words, and finds interesting connections within and between languages.
  • Celtic Pathways, which explores connections between Celtic languages, and look for words with Celtic roots in other languages
  • Omniglot News, which summaries the latest developments from the world of Omniglot each week.

A photo of Simon Ager, author of Omniglot

Who am I?
My name is Simon Ager, I live in Bangor in North Wales and earn a living from my website, Omniglot. I’ve studied quite a few languages, and also linguistics. My other main passion is music – I play various instruments, sing, and write songs and tunes.

More about me.

What’s an Omniglot?
Omniglot is a word I coined back in 1998. Originally it was the name of a web design and translation business I tried to set up, and it later became the name of my online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages.

More about Omniglot

Offshoots of Omniglot:

  • Omniglot blog – adventures in the world of words and language
  • Celtiadur – exploring connections between Celtic languages.
  • Facebook – a place to find out about the latest developments on Omniglot.
  • Omniglot Facebook fan club – a Facebook group where you can talk about language-related topics, and a good place to post translation requests.
  • Twitter (@omniglossia) – the latest up-dates on Omniglot.com, plus ‘interesting’ phrases from my language lessons, especially Duolingo.
  • Instagram (@ieithgi), photos and videos, including some language-related ones.
  • Youtube – videos about words, languages, music, etc.
  • TikTok (@omniglot) – language-related videos
  • Tiktok (@ieithgi) – videos featuring my tunes and songs
  • SoundCloud – my tunes and songs, and the Radio Omniglot podcast

If you would like to support this podcast, you can make a donation, or contribute to Omniglot in other ways.

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