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  1. Well, THAT’S different! A bit difficult from the fact that the voice sounds like one of the Chipmunks but I am going to guess either a language from the Philippines, Indonesia or maybe India?????? Wish there was an emoji for a shrug of the shoulders.

  2. It would have been much easier, if Simon wanted to know which song it is. It’s Jingle Bells, right?
    Well, that makes me think that the speakers of this language are Christians. And that would exclude most if not all of Indonesia and India.
    But – not the slightest idea which language it really is.

  3. Nowadays, Chrismas songs, Chrismas trees, Santa Claus and the like are quite popular in non-Christian countries as well. I think I have once heard a Japanese version of this song … But of course, this could still be the language of a Christian people.

  4. I think I have seen this videopic on Tik Tok and it is sung in
    Tajik, if I remember correctly. A language closely related with Parsi and Dari .Indoeuropean family.

  5. The only idea I have is I think I heard a retroflex /ʈ/, which besides South Asia is also found in some Australian aboriginal languages, which works with the idea that this language is from a Christian majority region

  6. At Jimutavahana’s suggestion I just found what he found. It’s not the Chipmunks but the Minions. I guess that dates me. Cute idea!

  7. Ah! I’m sure I saw a videopioc , different, but exactly the same song indicating tha this language was Tojik…!?

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