Oie sheoil

This is a Manx version of the popular and well-known Christmas carol, Silent Night, which was originally written in German.

Oie sheoil

Oie sheoil, cadley dagh nhee,
graigh freayll arrey, casherick oie,
feagh as arreydagh, s’bannit ynpiyr,
paithey casherick, lesh y folt airh
goaill e aash ayns shee,
goaill e aash ayns shee.

Oie sheoil, er-nyn-skyn
ny rollageyn ta soilshean
freayll dy-kinjagh arrey geyre,
er y phaitchey lesh y folt airh
goaill e aash ayns shee,
goaill e aash ayns shee.

Oie sheoil s’feagh dagh nhee
„Shee er thalloo, aigney Yee”
sho ta’n Bab er jeet dy ghra
lhig dooin eisht ve booisal da,
choud’s t’eh lhieayns shee,
choud’s t’eh lhieayns shee.

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