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Nos hep son

This is a Cornish version of the popular and well-known Christmas carol, Silent Night, which was originally written in German.

Nos hep son

Nos hep son! Noswyth lan!
Pup a-dew, pup a-splan,
war un Vaghteth ha’y Flogh mar dek.
A, Flogh Byghan Sans, whar ha whek.
Cusk yn powesva Dew!
Cusk yn powesva Dew!

Nos hep son! Noswyth lan!
Bugeleth, yn sawthan,
golow Nef a-wel dhe splanna,
a-glew can Eleth, Alleluia!
Cryst dhe’n bys genys yu!
Cryst dhe’n bys genys yu!

Nos hep son! Noswyth lan!
Gwyr Vap Dew Nef a-van,
golowys a-dhyworth Dha fas,
warnan hel a-dhen wa Dha ras.
Ha ty genys, Jesu!
Ha ty genys, Jesu!

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