Numbers in Middle Cornish

How to count in Middle/Medieval Cornish (Cernewec), a version of Cornish spoken from about 1250 and 1550 AD.

Key to abbreviations: m = masculine, f = feminine

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  Cardinal Ordinal
1 un kensa
2 dew (m) dui, dyw (f) eil, eyl
3 tri, trei (m) teir, teyr(f) triddydh
4 peswar (m) pedar (f) peswere, pyswere
5 pymp, pemp pympes
6 huih, hweh, whéh hweffas, wheffes
7 seith seithas, seithvas, seythves
8 eath eathas
9 naw
10 dec, dék, dég dege, degves
11 ednac, idnac, unnec, ydnac
12 dewdhec, dowdhec dowedhegves
13 tairdhac, tardhac, tredhec
14 peswardhec, pazawardhak
15 pymthec, pemdhac
16 whehdeg whehdegvas
17 seitag, seitek
18 eitag, eythek
19 nawnzac, nawntek, nownsec, nowndzhak
20 hugens, ugens
21 womman warn igans
30 dek warn-ugens, dék war-nugens, degwarnygnas
40 dewugens, dewigans, dew ugens, dugans
50 deg ha dugans, hanter cans
60 trei igans, tri ugans, triugans
70 trei igans ha deg
90 padzhar iganz ha deg
100 can, hans
200 dew cans, deiv cans
300 tri cans, try cans
500 pynp cans
700 syth cans
900 naiv cans
1,000 mil

Source: Lexicon cornu-britannicum : a dictionary of the ancient Celtic language of Cornwall, by Williams, Robert, 1810-1881.

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