Numbers in Gaulish

Gaulish is an extinct Celtic language that was spoken in parts of what is now France, Switzerland, Belgium and northern Italy until about the 6th century AD.

The ordinal numbers are attested to in finds at La Graufesenque, an archaeological site near Millau in Aveyron in southern France. The cardinal numbers are not know directly, but can be deduced from other material.

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Cardinal Ordinal
1 oino cintuxos
2 - ciallos, allos
3 tri, treis, tidres tritos
4 petru (petuar) petuarios
5 pimpe, pempe pimpetos
6 suex suexos
7 sextan sextametos
8 oxtu oxtumetos
9 *na nametos
10 decan decametos
14 - petrudecametos
20 uoconti -
30 tricontis -
100 canton -

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