Numbers in Middle Welsh

How to count in Middle Welsh (Kymraec), a form of Welsh spoken from the 12th to about the 15th century.

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  Cardinal Ordinal
1 un, vn kantaf, kyntaf
2 dau, dou, deu, dev (m)
dwy (f)
ail, eil, eyl
3 tri (m) teir (f) tritid, drydyt, trydy(d) (m)
trydet, trede(d) (f)
4 pedwar, peduar (m)
pedeyr, pedair, pedeir (f)
pedwerit, petveryd, pedwyryd, petweryd, petweryd (m)
petguaret, petwared, pedwared, pedwyred (f)
5 pimp, pym(p), pvmp, pum(p) pimphet, pemhet, pimhed, pymhed, pymhet
6 chwech, whech, whe, hwech, chwe hhuechet, cchuehet, chwechet, whechet
7 ssetih, seith, saith siethued, seithuet, seythuet, seithfed, saithfed
8 uith, wyth, vyth, ỽyth, oeth wythuet, wythued, ỽythuet
9 nav, nau, naw navuet, nauuet, nawued, nawuet
10 dec decuet, decvet, decfed
11 un ar dec uneut ar dec, undecuet
12 doudec, deudec, deudeg, deudeng deudecuet
13 tri/teir ar dec trydydec
14 pedwar deg, pedeir deg pedwar degfed
15 pymthec pemthecuet, pymthecuet, pymthecvet, pymthecfed
16 un ar bymthec
17 deu/dwy ar bymthec
18 tri/teir ar bymthec
19 pedwar/pedeir ar bymthec
20 ugein, ugeint, vgein vgeinvet, ugeinuet
21 un ar hugein(t)
30 dec a hugein(t)
40 douceint, deuckeyn, deugeint, deu vgein, deugein
50 dec a dugein(t)
60 tri uceint, try ugeynt, triugeint, tri vgein, trigaint
80 pedwar ugein(t)
90 dec a phedwar ugein(t)
100 can(t) canvet, canuet, kannvet, canved
101 cant ac un, un a chant
120 chwe ugein(t)
140 seith ugein(t)
160 wyth ugein(t)
180 naw ugein(t)
200 deucant
300 trychant
1,000 mil, myl miluet, miled


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