Welsh proverbs

A collection of proverbs (diarhebion) in Welsh with English equivalents and translations.

Welsh proverbs English versions
A ddwg ŵy a ddwy fwy A leopard never changes his spots
("One who steals an egg will steal more")
Angel pen ffordd, diawl pen tân Charming to outsiders, a devil in the home, two-faced
("An angel on the road, a devil at the fireplace")
Caiff dyn dysg o'i grud i'w fedd Man learns from the cradle to the grave
Cenedl heb iaith yw cenedl heb galon A nation without a language is a nation without a heart
(Y) cyntaf i'r felin caiff falu First come, first served
The early bird catches the worm
("First to the mill will get to grind")
Digrif gan bob aderyn ei lais ei hun Every bird relishes his own voice
Diwedd y gân yw'r geiniog At the end of the song is the penny
Dyfal donc a dyr y garreg Practice makes perfect / Slow and steady wins the race
("Persistent blows shatter the stone")
Dywed yn dda am dy gyfaill, am dy elyn dywed ddim Speak well of your friend; of your enemy say nothing
Gormod o bwdin dagith gi Curiosity killed the cat
("Too much pudding will choke a dog")
Gwna dda dros ddrwg, uffern ni'th ddwg Repay evil with good, and hell will not claim you
Gwell fy mwthyn fy hun na phlas arall Better my own cottage than the palace of another
Mae'r hwch wedi mynd drwy'r siop They have gone bankrupt
("The sow has gone through the shop")
Menyn hir, menyn drwg The longer it takes to agree a bargain, the worse the bargain
("Long butter, bad butter")
Nid wrth ei big mae adnabod cyffylog Don't judge a book by its cover
("A woodcock is not recognised by its beak")
Paid â chodi pais ar ôl piso Don't cry over spilt milk
("Don't raise your petticoat after peeing")
Pob gwlad yn ôl ei harfer When in Rome, does as the Romans
("Every country according to its customs")
Segurdod yw clod y cledd Power is best when it's not used
("A sword's credit is its idleness")
Yr wyneb yw drych y galon The face is the mirror of the heart


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