Omniglot News (24/07/22)

Here’s the latest news from the world of Omniglot.

This week there are new language pages about:

  • Porohanon, a Central Bisayan language spoken in the Camotes Islands in Cebu province in the Philippines.
  • Athpare (आठपहरिया‎), an Eastern Kiranti language spoken in the Dhankuta District in eastern Nepal.
  • Bukusu (Lubukusu), a Bantu language spoken in southwestern Kenya.

There are new numbers pages in:

  • Pingelapese, a Micronesian language spoken mainly in Pingelap and Pohnpei in Micronesia.
  • Bonggi, a North Bornean language spoken mainly on Banggi Island in Sabah, Malaysia.
  • Tobian (ramarih Hatohobei), a Micronesian language spoken in the Hatohobei and Koro states in Palau.

There’s a new article about Scottish Gaelic dialects of Arran.

On the Omniglot blog this week we have a post about Japanese words and idioms related to tatami called Tatami Swimming, and the usual Language Quiz. See if you can guess what language this is:

Here’s a clue: this language is distantly related to Thai and Lao.

The mystery language in last week’s language quiz was Ronga (XiRonga), a Central Bantu language spoken mainly in southern Mozambique, and also eastern South Africa

There are new Celtiadur posts are about words for Raw, Rotten and related things in Celtic languages.

There’s an episode of the Celtic Pathways podcast about words for person, human and related things.

In the Adventure in Etymology we find out what links the word Dean with words such as doyen, decimal and December.

During the heatwave earlier this week I wrote a new song called Melting, which goes something like this:

Normal service has been resumed and the weather, at least here in Bangor, is now it bit cooler.

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