Omniglot News (22/05/22)

Here’s the latest news from the world of Omniglot.

The new language pages this week are about:

  • Western Pwo (ဖျိၩ့), a Karenic language spoken in southern Myanmar.
  • Sümi, a Sino-Tibetan language spoken mainly in Nagaland in the northeast of India.
  • Tai Laing (တႆးလꧥင်ꩽ), a southwestern Tai language spoken in northern Myanmar.
  • Northern Pwo (พลอง), a Karenic language spoken in the northwest of Thailand.

There are a new numbers pages in:

  • Mikasuki, an eastern Muskogean language spoken in Southern Florida in the USA.
  • Alabama (Albaamo innaaɬiilka), an eastern Muskogean language spoken in Texas in the USA.
  • Chickasaw (Chikashshanompa’), a Western Muskogean language spoken mainly in Oklahoma in the USA.

There’s a new page of words about the weather in Mandarin Chinese.

There’s a new page featuring words for Metals that are cognate is some or all of the Celtic languages.

There are new Tower of Babel translations in Northern Pwo and Western Pwo.

There’s an Omniglot blog post about table football, or Babyfoot as it’s known in French, and about Accents, which discusses whether you can say you speak a foreign language well if you have such a strong foreign accent that people find you difficult to understand, and there’s the usual Language Quiz – see if you can guess what language this is.

The mystery language in last week’s language quiz was Tlahuitoltepec Mixe (Ayuujk), a Mixe-Zoque language spoken in parts of Oaxaca in southern Mexico.

There’s a new Celtiadur post are about words for Doors and related things in Celtic languages.

In this week’s Adventure in Etymology we find out what connects the word lead with words such as flood, float and Pluto.

I also made improvements to the Cree phrases page.

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