Deceitful Errors

Words for to error, deceit and related things in Celtic languages.

Deceitful Errors

Proto-Celtic *welsos = error, deceit
*wolsos = something wrong
Gaulish uolson = (?)
Old Irish (Goídelc) fell = deceit, treachery
fellaid = to act deceitfully
faill = neglect
Middle Irish (Gaoidhealg) fell = deceit, treachery
felle = treachery
felmaíne = deceitful riches
faill, fall = neglect, negligence
Irish (Gaeilge) feall [fʲɑːl̪ˠ/fʲal̪ˠ] = deceit, treachery, let-down, failure; to prove false to, betray, fail
fealladh = deception, betrayal, failure.
feallaire = deceiver, betrayer
feallaireacht = deception, betrayal
fealltach = deceitful, treacherous
fealltacht = deceitfulness, treachery
feallatóir = betrayer, traitor
feallatóireacht = betraying, treachery
faill = negligence, omission, chance, opportunity, time, occasion, cessation, easement
Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) feall [fjaul̪ˠ] = treachery, conspiracy, trickery, deceit, falsehood
feallachadh [fjal̪ˠəɣ] = deceiving, deceit, deception
feallag [fjal̪ˠag] = trick
feallsach [fjaul̪ˠsəx] = mendacious, false, mock, pseudo
feallsachd [fjaul̪ˠsəxg] = mendacity, deceit
fealltach [fjaul̪ˠdəx] = fraudulent, traitorous
fealltair [fjaul̪ˠdɪrʲ] = deceiver, traitor
Manx (Gaelg) foall = deceit, felony, murder, slyness
foalsaght = deceit(fulness), fallacy, falseness, hollowness, hypocrisy
foalsey = affected, bogus, counterfeit, fallacious
foalsid = affectation, deceitfulness, falseness, fictitiousness, perfidiousness, untruth
foalserey = deceiver, hypocrite, sycophant
Middle Welsh (Kymreac) guall, gvall, gwall = mistake, error, oversight, fault
gwallawc, gwallawg = negligent, careless, loose, faulty, defective
guallus, gwalus, gwallus = negligent, careless, heedless, slack, remiss
Welsh (Cymraeg) gwall [ɡwaɬ/ɡwa(ː)ɬ] = mistake, error, oversight, fault, wrong, deceit, lie, defect, negligence, faulty, evil, deficient
gwallgof = madness, insanity, delirium, mad, insane
gwallgofaf, gwallgofi = to go mad, become insane, be frenzied or frantic
gwallog = negligent, careless, loose, faulty, defective
gwallus [ˈɡwaɬɨ̞s/ˈɡwaɬɪs] = negligent, careless, heedless, slack, remiss
Cornish (Kernewek) gwall = accident, defect, neglect
gwallus = accidental
gwaluster = casualty
Old Breton guoael = bad, wrong
Middle Breton (Brezonec) goall, goual, goal, gual(l) = bad, wrong
Breton (Brezhoneg) gwall [gwal] = bad, wrong, nasty, naughty
gwallus = harmful
gwallvrudañ = to defame
gwallvruder = slanderer
gwallvruderezh = deffamation, slandering
gwallwir = concussion
gwalladenn = rape

Etymology: from the Proto-Indo-European *(h₁)welh₁(bʰ)-,, from *wel- (to deceive) [source].

Words marked with a * are reconstructions.

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