Words for book and related things in Celtic languages:

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Old Irish (Goídelc) lebor [ˈl͈ʲevor] = book
lebrán = little book, booklet
Middle Irish (Gaoidhealg) lebar, lebor = book, volume, treatise, charter
lebarda, lebur(da) = bookish, learned, lettered, of or belonging to books
lebarach = of or belonging to books, written
lebrán = little book, handbook, copy, transcript
lebróir = (book) peddlar, merchant
Irish (Gaeilge) leabhar [l̠ʲəuɾˠ / l̠ʲoːɾˠ] = book
leabharbhách = bibliophile
leabharbhoth = bookstall
leabhareolaí = bibliographer
leabharlann = library
leabharlannaí = librarian
leabharach = bookish
leabharagán = bookcase
leabharán = booklet
leabharóg = libretto
Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) leabhar [l̪ʲo.ər] = book, volume, the Bible
leabhar-lann = library
leabhar-lannaiche = librarian
leabhar-latha = diary, journal
leabhar-pòcaid = pocketbook, wallet
leabhar-chlàr = bibliography
leabhar-d = e-book
leabhar mór-eòlais = encyclopedia
Manx (Gaelg) lioar = book, tome, volume, folio
lioaran = booklet, brochure, pamphlet, tract
lioaragh = bookish, lettered, studious, booklearned, well-read
lioaraghan = bookcase
lioarlagh = collection of books
lioarlan(n) = library
lioarlannee = librarian
lioarvark = bookmark
Proto-Brythonic *llɨβr = book
Middle Welsh (Kymraec) llyvir, llyther, llyuyr, llyvyr = book, volume
llyvran = small book, booklet, pamphlet
llyfrbry, llyvrbryv = bookworm
Welsh (Cymraeg) llyfr [ɬɨ̞vr / ɬɪvr] = book, volume
llyfraf, llyfro, llyfru = to book, enter in a book, record, register, enrol
llyfran = small book, booklet, pamphlet
llyfrbryf = bookworm
llyfrdy = library, study, collection of books, bookshop
llyfreugar = fond of books
llyfrgar = bookish, studious
llyfrgell = library, study, bookshop
llyfrgellydd = librarian, book collector
llyfrifwr = book-keeper
llyfrnod = bookmark
Old Cornish liuer = book
Middle Cornish (Cernewec) levar, liver, lyvyr = book
levarva = library, bookcase
Cornish (Kernewek) lyver, lever = book
lyver dedhyow = calendar
lyver kuntel = album
lyver termyn = magazine, periodical
lyverji = bookshop
lyverva = library
lyveras, lyverades = librarian
lyvrik, lyvryn = booklet
Old Breton libr = book
Middle Breton (Brezonec) leffr, leur, leufr, levvr, levr = book
levr-dourn = manual, handbook
Breton (Brezhoneg) levr = book
levr-dorn = manual, handbook
levr-skrid = manuscript
levraoua = to look for books
levraoueg, levrdi = library
levraouegour, levrdiour = librarian
levraouek = full of books
levraouer = bibliophile, book lover
levraouerezh = bibliophilia

Etymology: from the Latin liber (book, the inner bark of a tree), from Proto-Italic *lufros, from the Proto-Indo-European *lubʰrós, from *lewbʰ- (to peel, cut off, harm). Words from the same roots include libel, library, leaf and lobby in English, and librairie (bookshop, tobacconist’s) in French [source].

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