The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

客家話 (Hakka)

  1. 該當時通天下都一樣口音頭恰倒人由東片徒居、
  2. 在示拿地遇倒一處坪地、就在該里住、
  3. 汝對佢、佢對汝話、好來、等吾等愛打磚當石、用地油當灰泥、
  4. 又話、等吾等好起座城、俾吾等住、做座塔來、其頂愛頂上天、愛傳下名聲、免致散開通地面去、
  5. 主就下來、看下世間人起嘅城同塔、
  6. 主就話、佢等合為一族、盡都共一樣口音、今又起做咁嘅、今下凡佢等想出來做嘅、都禁佢等唔住來、
  7. 等吾等下去、在該里來紊亂佢等嘅口音、等佢等通話唔倒、
  8. 主就在該里趕佢等、散去通地面、佢等就停開起城嘅工夫、
  9. 因爲主在該里亂開普天下嘅口音、又在該里趕散人、散下通地面去開、因此就安該城巴別、


  1. Koi¹ tong¹si² t'ung¹ t'ien¹ha⁵ p'u⁵ jit⁷jong⁵ heu³jim¹ t'eu² k'ap⁷ to³ ngin² ju² tung¹p'ien³ t'u²ki¹,
  2. ts'oi¹si⁵ la¹ ngi⁵to³ jit⁷ ch'u⁵ p'iang²t'i⁵, ts'iu⁵ ts'oi¹ li¹ ts'u⁵,
  3. ni³ tui⁵ ki², ki² tui⁵ ni³ fa⁵, hau³ loi², ten³ ng² ten³ oi⁵ ta³ tson¹ tong¹ sak⁸, jung⁵ t'i⁵ju² tong¹ foi¹nai²,
  4. ju⁵ fa⁵, ten³ ng² ten³ hau³ hi³ ts'o⁵ sang², pi¹ ng² ten³ ts'u⁵, tso⁵ ts'o⁵ t'ap⁷ loi², k'i² tang³ oi⁵ tang³ song³ t'ien¹, oi⁵ ts'on³ha⁵ miang²sang¹, mien¹tsi⁵ san³k'oi¹ t'ung¹ t'i⁵mien⁵ hi⁵,
  5. tsu³ ts'iu⁵ ha⁵loi², k'on⁵ ha⁵ si⁵ kan¹ ngin² hi³ k'oi³ sin² t'ung² t'ap⁷,
  6. tsu³ ts'iu⁵ fa⁵, ki²ten³ hap⁸ wui² jit⁷ ts'uk⁸, ts'in³ tu¹ k'iung⁵ jit⁷jong⁵ heu³jim¹, kim¹ ju⁵ hi³ tso⁵ an² k'oi³, ts'in³ ha⁵ fam² ki²ten³ siong³ ts'ut⁷loi² tso⁵ k'oi³, tu¹ ts'in³ ki²ten³ m¹ ts'u⁵loi²,
  7. ten³ ng² ten³ ha⁵hi⁵, ts'oi¹ koi¹ li¹ loi² fun³lon⁵ ki²ten³ k'oi³ heu³jim¹, ten³ ki²ten³ t'ung¹fa⁵ m¹ to³
  8. tsu³ ts'iu⁵ ts'oi¹ koi¹ li¹ kon³ ki²ten³ san³k'oi¹ t'ung¹ t'i⁵mien⁵, ki²ten³ ts'iu⁵ t'in²k'oi¹ hi³sin² k'oi³ kung¹fu¹,
  9. jin¹wui² tsu³ ts'oi¹ koi¹ li¹ fun³k'oi¹ p'u¹ t'ien¹ha⁵ k'oi³ heu³jim¹, ju⁵ ts'oi¹ koi¹ li¹ kon³san³ ngin², san³ha⁵ t'ung¹ t'i⁵mien⁵ hi⁵k'oi¹, jin¹ts'ii³ ts'iu⁵ on¹ koi¹ sin² pa¹p'et⁸.

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