Weitou (圍頭話)

Weitou is a variety of Yue Chinese spoken in southern China, particularly in Luohu (罗湖) and Futian (福田) districts of Shenzhen, and in a parts of the New Territories of Hong Kong, such as San Tin (新田村) and Fan Tin (蕃田村). Weitou is spoken mainly by older people, while younger people generally speak Cantonese and/or Hakka.

Weitou is used in some TV dramas and films made in Hong Kong, usually by characters from the walled villages, a type of large traditional multi-family communal living structure found in China.

Weitou can be written with the Latin alphabet using a version of Jyutping (粵拼), a romanisation system developed by the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong in 1993. There are other ways to write it.

Weitou alphabet

Weitou alphabet and pronunciation

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