Taiwanese Hakka (Thòi-vân Hak-fa)

Taiwanese Hakka is a group of Hakka dialects spoken in Taiwan. There are five main dialects: Sixian, Hailu, Dabu, Raoping and Zhao'an, the most widely spoken of which are Sixian and Hailu.

The Sixian dialect (四縣腔) is spoken in Taoyuan City and Miaoli County in northern Taiwan, and in Kaohsiung City and Pingtung County in the south of Taiwan.

The Hailu dialect (海陸腔) is spoken in Hshinchu county, Hsinchu City, Taoyuan City, Hualien County, Miaoli County in Taiwan; in Shanwei City in Guangdong Province in southern China, and in West Kalimantan Province of Indonesia. It is also known as Hoiluk or Hailu Hakka.

There is a standard way to write Taiwanese Hakka with the Latin alphabet known as the Taiwanese Hakka Romanization System (臺灣客家語拼音方案). It was published by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan in 2012. It can also be written with the Zhuyin Fuhao (bopomofo) script. Another way to write it with the Latin alphabet, known as Pha̍k-fa-sṳ, was invented by missionaries in the 19th century.

Taiwanese Hakka pronunciation

Taiwanese Hakka pronunciation


In the tone chart, v = vowel and vd = vowel + b, d or g (with no audible release).

Download an alphabet chart for Hakka (Excel)

Details provided by Steven Kan 甘博瑜

Sample text in Taiwanese Hakka (Sixian dialect)



sǎ-sǎ sén ǐ cii-iǔ, cai zún-ngiǎm láu kiěn-li song ìd koi pǐn-dèn. gǐ-déu fu-iú lí-xin láu liǒng-xím, bin gói-dóng í híung-ti guán-he ge jín-sǐin fu-xíong dui-tai.

Sample text in Taiwanese Hakka (Hailu dialect)



sa-sa sèn rhi cii-rhiu, cai zùn-ngiam làu kien-li shong rhid kói pin-dén. gi-nén fǔ-rhìu lì-sǐn làu liong-sìm, bǐn rhǐn-dòng rhung hìung-ti guàn-hě gǎi zìn-shin fǔ-sìong dǔi-tai.

Videos in Taiwanese Hakka


Information about Taiwanese Hakka

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