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Nagamese Creole (Nagamiz)

Nagamese Creole is a creole based on Assamese, Hindi, English and Naga languages. It is spoken by about 300,000 people and used in Nagaland, a small state in the north east of India. Nagamese is used as a lingua franca in schools, markets, hospitals, the legislative assembly and churches by the peoples of Nagaland, who speak more than 20 other mutually unintelligible languages. Nagamese stablised as a creole in about 1936.

Nagamese Creole alphabet

Nagamese Creole alphabet

Nagamese Creole pronunciation

Nagamese Creole pronunciation

Information about the Nagamese Creole alphabet and pronunciation compiled by Wolfram Siegel

Sample text

Moi laagaa darling
Moi laagaa darling bishi sunder,
Tai laagaa bosti moi najaane,
Beraai beraai kenaa thing bekhaaise
Biyanpabi salam di aase
Ek din noholie, dui din noholie
Love kuribo etu time te koi dibo de,
Eki logote rastaa rastaa beraabo,
Itu din rukhi aase darling.
A love song by Kevilinuo Vizo


Information about Nagamese Creole

Phrases in Nagamese

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