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Tongue twisters in many languages

Tongue twisters are a fun way to practise your pronunciation in languages you're learning, as well as in your native language.

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Catalan tongue twisters (Embarbussaments)

Setze jutges d'un jutjat mengen fetge d'un penjat. Si el penjat es despengés, els setze jutges del jutjat no menjarien més fetge del penjat.
Sixteen judges from a court eat a hangman's liver. If the hangman unhangs himself, the sixteen judges wouldn't eat the hangman's liver.

En Pinxo li va dir a en Panxo: vols que et punxi amb un punxó? I en Panxo li va dir a en Pinxo: punxa'm però a la panxa no.
Pinxo asked Panxo, "Do you want me to pierce you with a punch?" And Panxo answered Pinxo "Pierce me, but not in my belly!"

Plou poc, però quan plou, plou prou.
It's raining much, but when it rains, it rains hard enough.

A cap cap cap que Déu deu deu.
It's unthinkable that God owes ten (10)

En cap cap no hi cap tota la imaginació que hi cap en aquest cap.
In every head there is no imagination that fits in the head.

Un rus que és ros, té un ris i està al ras sense fer res.
A Russian guy that is blonde, has a curl in his hair and is standing outside (the street) without doing anything.

Una ovella, serella, merella, llanuda, llanada cap i coronada tenia sis corderets serells, merells, llanuts, llanats, cap i coronats. Si la ovella no haguera sigut serella, merella, llanuda, llanada cap i coronada, els seus corderets no haurien sigut serells, merells, llanuts, llanats, cap i coronats.
One lamb, "serella", "merella" (nonsense words which play with "mesell", green person), woolly, full of wool, head and crowned has six little lambs serells, merells, woolly, full of wool, head and crowned. If the lamb hadn't been serella, merella, woolly, full of wool, head and crowned, its little lambs wouldn't have been serells, merells, woolly, full of wool, head and crowned.

Vaig al bosc i busco vesc i visc del vesc que busco al bosc.
I go to wood and I look for mistletoe, and I live by mistletoe I look for.

En cap cap cap el que cap en aquet cap.
In no head fits what fits in this head.


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