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Time in Luxembourgish

How to tell the time in Luxembourgish, a Germanic language spoken in Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium.

English Luxembourgish (Lëtzebuergesch)
What time is it? Wéivill Auer ass et?
It's one o'clock Et ass eng Auer
It's quarter past one Et ass Véirel op Eng
It's half past one Et ass halwer zwou
It's quarter to two Et ass Véirel fir zwou
It's two o'clock Et ass zwou Auer
It's quarter past two Et ass Véirel op zwou
It's half past two Et ass halwer dräi
It's quarter to three Et ass Véirel fir dräi
It's three o'clock Et ass dräi Auer
It's quarter past three Et ass Véirel op dräi
It's half past three Et ass halwer véier
It's quarter to four Et ass Véirel fir véier
It's four o'clock Et ass véier Auer
It's quarter past four Et ass Véirel op véier
It's half past four Et ass halwer fënnef
It's quarter to five Et ass Véirel fir fënnef
It's five o'clock Et ass fënnef Auer
It's quarter past five Et ass Véirel op fënnef
It's half past five Et ass halwer sechs
It's quarter to six Et ass Véirel fir sechs
It's six o'clock Et ass sechs Auer
It's quarter past six Et ass Véirel op sechs
It's half past six Et ass halwer siiwen
It's quarter to seven Et ass Véirel fir siiwen
It's seven o'clock Et ass siiwen Auer
It's quarter past seven Et ass Véirel op siiwen
It's half past seven Et ass halwer aacht
It's quarter to eight Et ass Véirel fir aacht
It's eight o'clock Et ass aacht Auer
It's quarter past eight Et ass Véirel op aacht
It's half past eight Et ass halwer néng
It's quarter to nine Et ass Véirel fir néng
It's nine o'clock Et ass néng Auer
It's quarter past nine Et ass Véirel op néng
It's half past nine Et ass halwer zéng
It's quarter to ten Et ass Véirel fir zéng
It's ten o'clock Et ass zéng Auer
It's quarter past ten Et ass Véirel op zéng
It's half past ten Et ass Véirel fir eelef
It's quarter to eleven Et ass Véirel fir eelef
It's eleven o'clock Et ass eelef Auer
It's quarter past eleven Et ass Véirel op eelef
It's half past eleven Et ass halwer zwielef
It's quarter to twelve Et ass Véirel fir zwielef
It's twelve o'clock Et ass zwielef Auer
It's quarter past twelve Et ass Véirel op zwielef
It's half past twelve Et ass halwer eng
It's quarter to one Et ass Véirel fir eng
it's midnight Et ass Mëtternuecht
it's midday Et ass Mëtteg
in the morning moies
in the afternoon nomëttes
in the evening owes

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