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Time in Low Saxon

How to tell the time in Low Saxon (Nedderdüütsch), a collection of Germanic dialects spoken mainly in northern Germany and the Netherlands.

English Low Saxon (Nedderdüütsch)
What time is it? Wat seggt de Klock?
Wo lett is dat?
It's one o'clock Dat is Klock eens
De Klock is eens
It's quarter past one Dat is Viddel nach eens
It's half past one Dat is half twee
Dat is halvig twee
It's quarter to two Dat is Viddel vör twee
It's two o'clock Dat is Klock twee
De Klock is twee
It's quarter past two Dat is Viddel nach twee
It's half past two Dat is half dree
Dat is halvig dree
It's quarter to three Dat is Viddel vör dree
It's three o'clock Dat is Klock dree
De Klock is dree
It's quarter past three Dat is Viddel nach dree
It's half past three Dat is half vör
Dat is halvig vör
It's quarter to four Dat is Viddel vör vör
It's four o'clock Dat is Klock vör
De Klock is vör
It's quarter past four Dat is Viddel nach vör
It's half past four Dat is half fief
Dat is halvig fief
It's quarter to five Dat is Viddel vör fief
It's five o'clock Dat is Klock fief
De Klock is fief
It's quarter past five Dat is Viddel nach fief
It's half past five Dat is half sess
Dat is halvig sess
It's quarter to six Dat is Viddel vör sess
It's six o'clock Dat is Klock sess
De Klock is sess
It's quarter past six Dat is Viddel nach sess
It's half past six Dat is half sieven
Dat is halvig sieven
It's quarter to seven Dat is Viddel vör sieven
It's seven o'clock Dat is Klock sieven
De Klock is sieven
It's quarter past seven Dat is Viddel nach sieven
It's half past seven Dat is half acht
Dat is halvig acht
It's quarter to eight Dat is Viddel vör acht
It's eight o'clock Dat is Klock acht
De Klock is acht
It's quarter past eight Dat is Viddel nach negen
It's half past eight Dat is half negen
Dat is halvig negen
It's quarter to nine Dat is Viddel vör negen
It's nine o'clock Dat is Klock negen
De Klock is negen
It's quarter past nine Dat is Viddel nach negen
It's half past nine Dat is half tegen
Dat is halvig tegen
It's quarter to ten Dat is Viddel vör tegen
It's ten o'clock Dat is Klock tegen
De Klock is tegen
It's quarter past ten Dat is Viddel nach tegen
It's half past ten Dat is half ölven
Dat is halvig ölven
It's quarter to eleven Dat is Viddel vör ölven
It's eleven o'clock Dat is Klock ölven
De Klock is ölven
It's quarter past eleven Dat is Viddel nach ölven
It's half past eleven Dat is half tweelf
Dat is halvig tweelf
It's quarter to twelve Dat is Viddel vör tweelf
It's twelve o'clock Dat is Klock tweelf
De Klock is tweelf
It's quarter past twelve Dat is Viddel nach tweelf
It's half past twelve Dat is half eens
Dat is halvig eens
It's quarter to one Dat is Viddel vör eens
it's midnight Dat is Middernacht
it's midday Dat is Middag
in the morning morgen / smorgen
in the afternoon namiddags
in the evening avends

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