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Numbers in Welsh

This table shows the cardinal and ordinal numbers in Welsh with vigesimal and decimal numbers and notes. The decimal system is widely used, although not so much for dates and ages.

Key to abbreviations: m = masculine, f = feminine

  Cardinal Ordinal
0 sero/dim  
1 un 1af cynta(f)
2 dau (m)
dwy (f)
2ail ail
3 tri (m)
tair (f)
3ydd trydydd (m)
trydedd (f)
4 pedwar (m)
pedair (f)
4ydd pedwerydd (m)
pedwaredd (f)
5 pum(p) 5ed pumed
6 chwe(ch) 6ed chweched
7 saith 7fed seithfed
8 wyth 8fed wythfed
9 naw 9fed nawfed
10 deg 10fed degfed
  Vigesimal Decimal  
11 unarddeg un deg un 11eg unfed ar ddeg
12 deuddeg un deg dau 12fed deuddegfed
13 tri ar ddeg un deg tri 13eg trydydd ar ddeg
14 pedwar ar ddeg un deg pedwar 14eg pedwerydd ar ddeg
15 pymtheg un deg pump 15fed pymthegfed
16 un ar bymtheg un deg chwech 16eg unfed ar bymtheg
17 dau ar bymtheg un deg saith 17eg ail ar bymtheg
18 deunaw un deg wyth 18fed deunawfed
19 pedwar ar bymtheg un deg nau 19eg pedwerydd ar bymtheg
20 ugain dau ddeg 20fed ugeinfed
21 un ar hugain dau ddeg un 21ain unfed ar hugain
22 dau ar hugain dau ddeg dau 22ain ail ar hugain
23 tri ar hugain dau ddeg tri 23ain trydydd ar hugain
24 pedwar ar hugain dau ddeg pedwar 24ain pedwerydd ar hugain
25 pump ar hugain dau ddeg pump 25ain pumed ar hugain
26 chwech ar hugain dau ddeg chwech 26ain chweched ar hugain
27 saith ar hugain dau ddeg saith 27ain saithfed ar hugain
28 wyth ar hugain dau ddeg wyth 28ain wythfed ar hugain
29 naw ar hugain dau ddeg naw 29ain nawfed ar hugain
30 deg ar hugain tri deg 30ain degfed ar hugain
31 unarddeg ar hugain trideg un 31ain unfed ar ddeg ar hugain
32 deuddeg ar hugain trideg dau 32ain (rhif) trideg dau
deuddegfed ar hugain
33 tri ar ddeg ar hugain trideg tri 33ain (rhif) trideg tri
tri ar ddegfed ar hugain
34 pedwar deg ar hugain trideg pedwar 34ain (rhif) trideg pedwar
pedwar degfed ar hugain
35 pymtheg ar hugain trideg pump 35ain (rhif) trideg pump
pymthegfed ar hugain
36 un ar bymtheg ar hugain trideg chwech 36ain (rhif) trideg chwech
un ar bymthegfed ar hugain
37 dau ar bymtheg ar hugain trideg saith 37ain (rhif) trideg saith
dau ar bymthegfed ar hugain
38 daunaw ar hugain trideg wyth 38ain (rhif) trideg wyth
daunawfed ar hugain
39 pedwar ar bymtheg ar hugain trideg naw 39ain (rhif) trideg naw
pedwerydd ar bymtheg ar hugain
40 deugain pedwardeg 40fed (rhif) pedwardeg
50 hanner cant pumdeg 50fed (rhif) pumdeg
hanner canfed
60 trigain chwe deg 60fed (rhif) chwedeg
70 deg a thrigain saithdeg 70fed (rhif) saithdeg
degfed a thrigain
80 pedwar ugain wythdeg 80fed (rhif) wythdeg
pedwar ugainfed
90 deg a phedwar ugain nawdeg 90fed (rhif) nawdeg
degfed a phedwar ugain
100 cant 100fed canfed
101 cant ac un   (rhif) cant ac un
102 cant ac dau   (rhif) cant ac dau
120 cant ac ugain cant dauddeg   (rhif) cant dauddeg
200 dau gant 200fed dau ganfed
300 tri chant 300fed tri chanfed
400 pedwar cant 400fed pedwar canfed
500 pum cant 500fed pum canfed
600 chwe chant 600fed chwe chanfed
700 saith cant 700fed saith canfed
800 wyth cant 800fed wyth canfed
900 naw cant 900fed naw canfed
1,000 mil 1000fed milfed
10,000 deng mil   deng milfed
100,000 mwnt can mil   can milfed
1 million miliwn   miliyenfed
1 billion biliwn   biliyenfed
half hanner
third traean
quarter chwarter
fifth pumed
sixth chweched


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