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Numbers in Cornish

How to count in Cornish, a Brythonic Celtic language spoken mainly in Cornwall in the the southwest of Britain.

Key to abbreviations: m = masculine, f = feminine

  Kernewek Kemmyn - Cardinal
(Common Cornish)
Kernuak - Cardinal
(Modern Cornish)
Furv Skrifys Savonek - Cardinal
(Standard Written Form)
Furv Skrifys Savonek - Ordinal
(Standard Written Form)
0 man man, traveeth, tra man  
1 onan
unn (before noun)
edn, un, onen onan, onen
unn (before noun)
2 dew (m) diw (f) deaw (m) dew (f) dew (m) diw (f) nessa
3 tri (m) teyr (f) try (m), teir (f) tri (m) teyr (f) tressa
4 peswar (m) peder (f) pager (m), peder (f) peswar (m) peder (f) peswara
5 pymp pemp pymp pympes
6 hwegh whee(ath) hwegh wheghves
7 seyth seith seyth seythves
8 eth eath eth ethves
9 naw nawe naw nawves
10 deg deag deg degves
11 unnek ednack unnek unnegves
12 dewdhek dowthack dewdhek dewdhegves
13 trydhek tarthack tredhek tredhegves
14 peswardhek pazwarthack peswardhek peswardhegves
15 pymthek pemthack pymthek pympthegves
16 hwetek whethack hwetek whetegves
17 seytek seithack seytek seytegves
18 etek eathack etek etegves
19 nownsek nawngack nownsek nownjeggves
20 ugens igans ugens ugensves
21 onan warn ugens edn warn igans onan warn ugens kensa warn ugens
22 dew warn ugens deaw warn igans dew warn ugens nessa warn ugens
23 tri warn ugens try warn igans tri warn ugens tressa warn ugens
24 peswar warn ugens pager warn igans peswar warn ugens peswara warn ugens
25 pymp warn ugens pemp warn igans pymp warn ugens pympes warn ugens
26 hwegh warn ugens whee warn igans hwegh warn ugens wheghves warn ugens
27 seyth warn ugens seith warn igans seyth warn ugens seythves warn ugens
28 eth warn ugens eath warn igans eth warn ugens ethves warn ugens
29 naw warn ugens nawe warn igans naw warn ugens nawves warn ugens
30 deg warn ugens deag warn igans deg warn ugens degves warn ugens
31 uunek warn ugens ednack warn igans uunek warn ugens unnegves warn ugens
32 dewdhek warn ugens dowthack warn igans dewdhek warn ugens dewdhegves warn ugens
33 trydhek warn ugens tarthack warn igans tredhek warn ugens tredhegves warn ugens
34 peswardhek warn ugens pazwarthack warn igans peswardhek warn ugens peswardhegves warn ugens
35 pymthek warn ugens pemthack warn igans pymthek warn ugens pympthegves warn ugens
36 hewtek warn ugens whethack warn igans hewtek warn ugens whetegves warn ugens
37 seytek warn ugens seithack warn igans seytek warn ugens seytegves warn ugens
38 etek warn ugens eathack warn igans etek warn ugens etegves warn ugens
39 nownsek warn ugens nawngack warn igans nownsek warn ugens nownjeggves warn ugens
40 dewgens dogans dew-ugens dew ugensves
50 hanterkans deag ha dogans hanterkans
deg ha dew-ugens
degves warn ugens
60 triugens try igans tri-ugens tri ugensves
70 deg ha triugens deag ha try igans deg ha tri-ugens degves ha tri ugens
80 peswar ugens pager igans peswar-ugens peswar ugensves
90 deg ha peswar ugens deag ha pager igans deg ha peswar-ugens degves ha peswar ugens
100 kans cans kans cansves
1000 mil meel mil milves


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