Omniglot News (19/12/21)

The new language pages on Omniglot this week are:

  • Poqomchiʼ, a Mayan language spoken in central Guatamala.
  • Sipakapense (Ri Qyolb’al), a Mayan language spoken in western Guatemala.
  • Austral (reo Tuha’a pae), an Eastern Polynesian language spoken in the Austral Islands in French Polynesia.

There are new numbers pages in the following languages (all of which are Mayan): Poqomam, Poqomchi’, Mam, Achi and Akatek.

On the Omniglot blog this week there’s a post about Connections between languages, a post about words for porpoises or Sea Swine in various languages, and the Language Quiz.

The mystery language in last week’s language quiz was Tokelauan (Gagana Tokelau), a Polynesian language spoken in Tokelau and New Zealand.

The Celtiadur post this week is about words for Thunder in Celtic languages, and we find out how they are connected to Thursdays, tornados and Celtic and Germanic gods.

In the Adventure in Etymology this week we find connections between companions, bread and lords.

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