7 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. Definitely Polynesian, featuring mostly h instead of s, that narrows it somewhat down … I think it is Tokelauan, specifically Nukunonu (since she mentions that island).

  2. I must agree with Emanuel and David. I checked out the name Nukunonu and it is in Tokelau. Good work!

  3. Thanks David and Hank! But giving this a second thought, her last words, as I hear them – ki te henua tenei (‘to this island’) – might not refer to Nukunonu but to another island in the Tokelau group, the one on which she is residing, and then this could be a recording from Atafu or Fakaofo, possibly even Olohenga (Swains I.) in American Samoa (the other islands to which this language is native) … I stick to Tokelauan, though.

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