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This page contains the names of various languages in the Celtic languages, including the Celtic languages themselves and some other languages.

Click on the English versions that are links and you will be taken to the Celtiadur, where you can see what each word means, and how some of them are pronounced. There are also details of related words and expressions, and words in older versions of the Celtic languages, such as Middle Welsh and Old Irish. More Celtic Cognates

Languages - Celtic

Breatnais A' Chuimris Bretnish Cymraeg Kembrek Kembraeg Welsh
Briotáinis Breatnais Britaanish Llydaweg Bretonek Brezhoneg Breton
Coirnis Còrnais Cornish
Cernyweg Kerneweg Kerneveureg Cornish
Gaeilge Gàidhlig na h-èireann Yernish Gwyddeleg Iwerdhonek Iwerzoneg Irish
Gaeilge Albanach Gàidhlig
(na hAlba)
Gaelg Albinagh
Gaelg ny Halbey
Gaeleg yr Alban Godhalek Gouezeleg Skos Scottish Gaelic
Manainnis Gàidhlig Mhanainn Gaelg Manaweg Manowek Manaveg Manx

Languages - Others

An Bhascais Basgais Bascish Basgeg Baskek Euskareg Basque
An Chatalóinis Catalanais Cataloanish Catalaneg Katalanek Katalaneg Catalan
An Danmhairgis Danmhairgis Danvargish Daneg Danek Daneg Danish
An Fharóis Fàrothais Faaroish Ffaröeg Faroyek Faeroeg Faroese
(føroyskt mál)
An Fhionlainnis Fionnlannais Finnlynnish Ffinneg Faroyek Finnek Finnish
An Ghailísis Gailìsis Galeeshish Galisia Galijek Galizeg Galician
An Ghréigis Greugais Greagish Groeg Greka Gresianeg Greek
An Ioruais Nirribhis Norlynnish Norwyeg Norgahek Norvegeg Norwegian
An Íoslainnis Innis-Tìlis Eeslynnish Islandeg Islandek Islandeg Icelandic
An Ollainnis Duitsis
Ollanish Iseldireg Iseldiryek Izelvroeg Dutch
An Phortaingéilis Portagailis Portiugish Portiwgaleg Portyngalek Portugaleg Portuguese
An Rúisis Ruisis Rooshish Rwseg Russek Rusianeg Russian
(русский язык)
An tSualainnis Suainis Soolynnish Swedeg Swedek Svedeg Swedish
An Úcráinis Ucràinis Ookraanish Wcreineg Ukraynek Ukraineg Ukrainian
(українська мова)
Béarla Beurla Baarle Saesneg Sowsnek Saozneg English
Beurla na hAlban A' Bheurla Ghallda
Baarle Albinagh Scoteg Skoteg Skoseg Scots
Fraincis Fraingis Frangish Ffraneg Frynkek Galleg French
Gearmáinis Gearmailtis Germaanish Almaeneg Almaynek Alaman(t)eg German
Spáinnis Spàinntis Spaainish Sbaeneg Spaynek Spagnoleg Spanish

Other languages are available

Celtic cognates

Complete Cognates, Partial Cognates . Cognates arranged thematically: Adjectives | Animals | Birds | Clothes | Colours | Conjunctions | Countries | Directions | Food and Drink | Landscape | Languages | Metals | Musical terms | Numbers | Parts of the body | People | Pronouns | Prepositions | Sea creatures | Time expressions | Trees and Plants | Verbs | Weather | Tools | Other words | Names


A collection of Celtic cognates, with definitions, pronunciation, etymologies - includes the modern Celtic languages, older versions of these languages, such as Middle Welsh, Old Irish, and their extinct and reconstructed relatives and ancestors, including Gaulish, Celtiberian, Proto-Brythonic and Proto-Celtic.


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Information about Celtic languages

Breton, Celtiberian, Cornish, Cumbric, Gaulish, Irish, Lepontic, Lusitanian, Manx, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh


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