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Telling the time in Cuyonon

How to tell the time in Cuyonon, a Philippine language spoken mainly in the Cuyo Islands in the Philippines.

What time is it?Anonong oras ren?
It's one o'clockAla ona ren
It's quarter past oneAla ona-kinsi
It's half past oneAla ona i midia ren
It's quarter to twoMinos kinsi para alas dos
It's two o'clockAlas dos den
It's quarter past twoAlas dos-kinsi
It's half past twoAlas dos i midia ren
It's quarter to threeMinos kinsi para alas tres
It's three o'clockAlas tris ren
It's quarter past threeAlas tris kinsi
It's half past threeAlas tris i midia
It's quarter to fourMinos kinsi para alas koatro
It's four o'clockAlas koatro ren
It's quarter past fourAlas koatro-kinsi
It's half past fourAlas koatro i midia ren
It's quarter to fiveMinos kinsi para alas singko
It's five o'clockAlas singko den
It's quarter past fiveAlas singko-kinsi
It's half past fiveAlas singko i midia ren
It's quarter to sixMinos kinsi para alas sais
It's six o'clockAlas sais den
It's quarter past sixAlas sais-kinsi
It's half past sixAlas sais i midia ren
It's quarter to sevenMinos kinsi para alas syiti
It's seven o'clockAlas syiti den
It's quarter past sevenAlas syiti-kinsi
It's half past sevenAlas syiti i midia ren
It's quarter to eightMinos kinsi para alas otso
It's eight o'clockAlas otso den
It's quarter past eightAlas otso-kinsi
It's half past eightAlas otso i midia ren
It's quarter to nineMinos kinsi para alas noibi
It's nine o'clockAlas noibi den
It's quarter past nineAlas noibi-kinsi
It's half past nineAlas noibi i midia ren
It's quarter to tenMinos kinsi para alas dyis
It's ten o'clockAlas dyis den
It's quarter past tenAlas dyis-kinsi
It's half past tenAlas dyis i midia ren
It's quarter to elevenMinos kinsi para alas onsi
It's eleven o'clockAlas onsi den
It's quarter past elevenAlas onsi-kinsi
It's half past elevenAlas onsi i midia ren
It's quarter to twelveMinos kinsi para alas dosi
It's twelve o'clockAlas dosi den
It's quarter past twelveAlas dosi-kinsi
It's half past twelveAlas dosi i midia ren
It's quarter to oneMinos kinsi para ala ona
it's midnightTenga'gabi ren
it's middayUgtong adlao den
in the morningi'ang timprano
in the afternooni'ang hapon
in the eveningi'ang gabi