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Telling the time in Cuyonon

How to tell the time in Cuyonon, a Philippine language spoken mainly in the Cuyo Islands in the Philippines.

What time is it?Anonong oras ren?
It's one o'clockAla ona ren
It's quarter past oneAla ona-kinsi
It's half past oneAla ona i midia ren
It's quarter to twoMinos kinsi para alas dos
It's two o'clockAlas dos den
It's quarter past twoAlas dos-kinsi
It's half past twoAlas dos i midia ren
It's quarter to threeMinos kinsi para alas tres
It's three o'clockAlas tris ren
It's quarter past threeAlas tris kinsi
It's half past threeAlas tris i midia
It's quarter to fourMinos kinsi para alas koatro
It's four o'clockAlas koatro ren
It's quarter past fourAlas koatro-kinsi
It's half past fourAlas koatro i midia ren
It's quarter to fiveMinos kinsi para alas singko
It's five o'clockAlas singko den
It's quarter past fiveAlas singko-kinsi
It's half past fiveAlas singko i midia ren
It's quarter to sixMinos kinsi para alas sais
It's six o'clockAlas sais den
It's quarter past sixAlas sais-kinsi
It's half past sixAlas sais i midia ren
It's quarter to sevenMinos kinsi para alas syiti
It's seven o'clockAlas syiti den
It's quarter past sevenAlas syiti-kinsi
It's half past sevenAlas syiti i midia ren
It's quarter to eightMinos kinsi para alas otso
It's eight o'clockAlas otso den
It's quarter past eightAlas otso-kinsi
It's half past eightAlas otso i midia ren
It's quarter to nineMinos kinsi para alas noibi
It's nine o'clockAlas noibi den
It's quarter past nineAlas noibi-kinsi
It's half past nineAlas noibi i midia ren
It's quarter to tenMinos kinsi para alas dyis
It's ten o'clockAlas dyis den
It's quarter past tenAlas dyis-kinsi
It's half past tenAlas dyis i midia ren
It's quarter to elevenMinos kinsi para alas onsi
It's eleven o'clockAlas onsi den
It's quarter past elevenAlas onsi-kinsi
It's half past elevenAlas onsi i midia ren
It's quarter to twelveMinos kinsi para alas dosi
It's twelve o'clockAlas dosi den
It's quarter past twelveAlas dosi-kinsi
It's half past twelveAlas dosi i midia ren
It's quarter to oneMinos kinsi para ala ona
it's midnightTenga'gabi ren
it's middayUgtong adlao den
in the morningi'ang timprano
in the afternooni'ang hapon
in the eveningi'ang gabi

Cuyonon translations by Ryan D. Ibañez

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