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Manx proverbs (Shennocklyn Vanninagh)

A collection of proverbs and sayings in Manx (Gaelg).

Language-related proverbs and sayings

Çheer gyn çhengey, çheer gyn ennym.
A country without language is a country without an name/identity.

Gyn çhengey, gyn çheer
No language, no country

Tra haink ny skibbyltee boghtey stiagh hie yn Ghaelg magh.
When the tourists came in, the Manx language went out.

Ta çhengey ny host ny share na olk y ghra.
A silent tongue is preferable to speaking evil.

Ta dooiney creeney smooinaght ooilley ny te gra, agh t'an ommidan gra ooilley ny te smooinaght.
A wise man thinks all he says, but a fool says all he thinks.

Yn beeal tutler poagey scrieu yn jouyl.
A gossip's mouth is the devil's postbag.

Cha jean oo rieau cosney ping assjee.
You'll never earn a penny from it. - said of the Manx Language

Other Manx proverbs and sayings

Bee eh fliugh, ta ny fooilleigyn goll dys yn clieau.
It will be wet, the gulls are going to the mountain.

Caghlaa obbyr aash.
Change of work is rest = A change is as good as a rest.

Cha dooar rieau drogh veaynee corran mie.
A bad reaper never got a good sickle = A bad workman blames his tools.

Cha lhisagh dooinney erbee ve nearagh dy ghoaill-rish e oill tra t'eh er ve camm; cre te agh gra ayns goan elley dy vel eh ny s'creeney jiu na v'eh jea.
A man should not be ashamed to acknowledge his fault when he is wrong; what is it but saying in other words that he is wiser to-day than he was yesterday.

Cha vel fer erbee cha bouyr, as eshyn nagh jean clashtyn.
None is so deaf as the one who will not hear.

Ny jean shiu dy bragh partail roosyn ta shiu graihagh orroo fegooish focklyn graihag.
Never part with those you love without loving words.

Ta'n eariih troggal seose, ta'n uinnag sollys ayns y twoaie.
The weather is lifting up, the bright window is in the north.

Ta ynsagh coamrey stoamey yn dooinney berchagh, as t'eh berchys y dooinney boght.
Learning is the stately clothing of the rich man, and the riches of the poor man.

Tra ta'n ghrian soilshean, yn traa dy yannoo seose traagh.
When the sun shines is the time to make up hay.

Yu taitnys smoo ayns bea te ayns jannoo shen ta'n sleih gra nagh vod mayd jannoo.
The greatest pleasure in life lies in doing that which people say we cannot do.


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