Dalorm alphabet   Dalorm

The Dalorm alphabet is the creation of Isak Sellanrå. The name Dalorm is Norwegian for "Valley Worm" and Isak chose it because the alphabet looks like a mixture of valleys and worms. The alphabet is designed to write Norwegian.

Notable features

  • The letters have different shapes depending on their position in a word. Only vowels have an initial form.
  • The letters are written on a series of sloping lines, with the consonants below and the vowels above. Each line can have up to three consonants. Below is an illustration of how this works.

    the word Omniglot in the Dalorm alphabet

  • This alphabet originally had no vowels, but Isak decided to make it easier to understand so devised a way to combine vowels with the consonants.
  • Written from left to right in horizontal lines.
  • Word division is indicated by a small apostrophe-like symbol.

Dalorm alphabet

Sample text

Sample text in the Dalorm alphabet


Man skal ikke selge skinnet før bjørnen er skutt.


You shall not sell the skin before the bear has been shot.

If you have any questions about Dalorm, you can contact Isak Sellanrå at IsakSellanraa@hotmail.com

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