Oji-Cree (Anishininiimowin / ᐊᓂᔑᓂᓂᒧᐏᐣ)

Oji-Cree or Severn Ojibwa is a variety of Ojibwe, an Algonquian language, and is spoken in parts of northern Ontario and at Island Lake in Manitoba in Canada by about 12,900 people.

Speakers of Oji-Cree call themselves Anishinini ('ordinary person') and their language Anishininiimowin ('language of ordinary people').

Oji-Cree is closely related to other varieties of Ojibwe and has been influenced significantly by the Cree language, particularly as a result of missionary activity by Cree speakers.

Oji-Cree syllabary and pronunciation

Oji-Cree is usually written with a version of Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics.

Oji-Cree alphabet and pronunciation

Latin alphabet for Oji-Cree

Oji-Cree-speaking communities in northern Ontario sometimes use a version of the Latin alphabet to write their language. It is known as the Northern Fiero Roman Orthography, and was devised by Charles Fiero.

Northern Fiero Roman Orthography for Oji-Cree

Sample text in Oji-Cree syllabics

ᒥᓯᐌ ᐌᑎ ᑭᐌᑎᓄᐠ ᓂᐡᑕᒼ ᐊᓂᔑᓇᐯ ᑕᔑᑫᐎᓇᐣ ᐗᐗᓀ ᑕᒥᓭᐗᐠ ᐅᒋ ᑲᐱᐳᐠ ᒥᑲᓇ ᑲᐊᔭᑭᐸᓂᐣ ᐅᓴᒼ ᐃᑕᐡ ᓄᑯᒼ ᑲᑭ ᐱᐳᐠ ᐁᑲ ᐁᑭᑭᓯᓇᐠ ᐊᐱᐣ ᐁᑭ ᐅᒋᒪᒋᓭᐠ ᑲᐱᒪᐗᑕᓱᐗᐸᐣ ᐱᐳᓂ ᒪᑲᓇᐠ ᒥᑕᐡ ᐁᔑᓭᐠ ᐁᓄᑌᓭᐗᐨ ᐗᓯᑲᓂᐱᒥᑌ, ᒥᒋᒪᐣ ᒥᓇ ᐗᑲᐃᑫ ᐊᐸᒋᒋᑲᓇᐣ᙮

Source: http://www.languagegeek.com/algon/ojicree/ojc_example.html


Misiwe weti kiwetinok ništam anišinape tašikewinan wawane tamisewak oči kapipok mikana kaayakipanin osam itaš nokom kaki pipok eka ekikisinak apin eki očimačisek kapimawatasowapan piponi makanak mitaš ešisek enotesewač wasikanipimite, mičiman mina wakaike apačičikanan.

Sample video in Oji-Cree


Information about Oji-Cree

Ojicree courses

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