Loup (Niipmok)

Loup is an Eastern Algonquian language that was spoken by the Nipmuck people until the 18th century in colonial New England, which is now Massachusetts and Connecticut in the USA. There were two varieties of Loup: Loup A, which was also known as Nipmuck or Natick, and Loup B. They are known from word lists collected by French missionaries, particularly Jean-Claude Mathevet.

Efforts are currently being made to revive the language.

The Nipmuc tribe still exists and can be found in the towns of Webster, Grafton, Natick and in Massachusetts, and in Thompson in Connecticut. Some of their ancestors went to live among the Abenaki in Canada and called themselves the ȣmiskanȣakȣiak (‘beaver tail-hill people’).

Loup alphabet and pronunciation

Loup alphabet and  pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Loup (Excel)

Details provided by Wolfram Siegel (PDF)

Sample text (Lord's Prayer)

Nushun kesukqut; Quttianatamunach ktowesuonl; Peyaumuntch kukketassutamoonk; Kuttenantamook nen nach ohkeit neane kesukqut; Nummeetsuongash asekesukokish asamaiinean yeuyeu kesukod; Kah ahquontamaunnean nummatcheseongash neane matchenekuk quengig nutahquontamounnonog; Ahque sagkompagunaiinnean en qutchhuaonganit; Wehe pohquohwussinnean wutch match itut; Newutche kutahtaun ketassutamoonk kah menuhkesuonk kah sohsumoonk micheme Amen.

Source: https://www.nipmuclanguage.org/uploads/5/0/7/7/50775337/language_lords_prayer.pdf

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Information about the Loup language

Information about the Nipmuc people

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